Conservation with Justice: A Rights Based Approach

23 October 2009 | News story

The term ‘rights-based approach’ (RBA) has been used in various contexts and defined in different ways. The newest IUCN publication “Conservation with Justice: A Rights-based Approach” aims at informing all actors (governments, the private sector, local communities, non-governmental organizations) about the RBA and its potential contribution to guiding activities that, if unrestrained, may have a detrimental impact on nature conservation.

The publication introduces the concept of RBA and examines how it is currently being applied (or not) and how it may be applied to develop law and policy on three specific topics where activities conducted by numerous actors have had particularly negative impacts on conservation and livelihoods, and where introducing a RBA might be significantly positive for both. It is expected that implementing a RBA in relation to the three topics - forests, protected areas, and climate change – will serve to facilitate cooperation among the many relevant actors to shape projects towards conservation, while ensuring justice among the various stakeholders.

Download: Environmental Policy and Law Paper No. 71

Resolution 4.056 “Rights-based approaches to conservation” adopted at the 4th IUCN World Conservation Congress