“Nature and People” Walk Around Lake

03 December 2012 | Article

“Nature and People” Walk around Lake was successfully held by IUCN, the Netherlands Embassy, Beijing Forestry Society and Shangri-la Institute for Sustainable Communities. This public event aims at enhancing public awareness towards forestry ecology, nature conservation, water resources and arousing public to get close to nature, protect biodiversity and enjoy a healthy and natural life.

It is estimated that over 1000 people participated in this event. Despite the cold weather, participants felt that the event is not only interesting, but also meaningful. Some participants said that, walking is not only a good way to guide the public to exercises and to have a healthy life, it also offers a good chance to learn environmental protection knowledge and encourage them to take environmental protection actions in daily life. 14 primary students from Netherland and China also participated in the event.

The theme of IUCN’s booth is Priceless or Worthless? Through education materials, IUCN staffs and volunteers introduced endangered species in China like Hainan gibbon, Yangtze Finless Porpoise, Snow Leopard and Chinese crested tern and their threatening conditions. Using the successful case of Przewalski’s horse pulled back from the brink, Public were also introduced to the possibility to rescue species from extinction through proper human behaviors.

IUCN together with its partners and members will organize more public education events and campaigns to enhance the public awareness and knowledge on biodiversity conservation and natural protection.