SPAMIs in the Mediterranean

Seven New Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance

Policy makers from 21 Mediterranean countries approved to include seven new sites on the SPAMI list (Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance) at the last meeting of Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention held in Paris (February 2012), officially informed by the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA) …  

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Photo de famille

Actes du 6ème Forum Régional Côtier et Marin

Sous le thème de « la Mobilisation du partenariat au service de la conservation du littoral ouest-africain », le 6ème  Forum Côtier et Marin s'est tenu à Banjul du 21 février au 24 février 2012 à Banjul, en présence des Autorités de la République de Gambie, des Directeurs Régionaux des institutions fondatrices du PRCM, des partenaires de coopération et des délégations des pays de l’espace PRCM composées de parlementaires, de techniciens, de scientifiques, de représentants d’ONG et de la société civile, et d’agences de coopération. …  

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Did you know that almost 25% of Spain’s land is included in Natura 2000?

Protected areas in Spain cover more than 15 million hectares, representing over 27% of its land area. And almost a quarter of the whole Spanish territory is part of the Natura 2000 Network which this year is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This month, the IUCN National Committee and Member organizations in Spain showcase their activities and achievements in nature conservation in the third edition of the IUCN European Country Focus. …  

02 Apr 2012 | News story
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Freighters navigating the Saint Lawrence River, Quebec

Government of Québec and international conservation organizations to host science symposium

 Montréal, March 26, 2012: The International Science Symposium: Planning the conservation of Quebec’s northern ecosystems: The challenge of a decade, to be held from April 26-­‐27 in Montreal, will be a unique opportunity for scientists and other experts to establish a common understanding of the major conservation issues for the implementation of the government commitment to protect 50% of the territory of the Plan Nord. …   | French

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VCA workshop in Koh Kong, Cambodia

Cambodian BCR team ran vulnerability capacity assessment in Koh Kong

Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary (PKWS), located in the Koh Kong province. PKWS, mainly compounded by small alluvial islands, supports one of the most undisturbed mangrove forests in Cambodia and therefore in the Gulf of Thailand. It is a spawning and nursery ground for many marine resources. The livelihood of approximately 10,000 habitants relies on fisheries and ecosystem services that the sanctuary provides. …  

01 Apr 2012 | Article
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Brendan Dunford

Local to Global – the west of Ireland brought to Congress 2012

Located at the western edge of Europe, Ireland is known as the Emerald Island thanks to its lush, green landscapes. Its wild countryside is only sparsely dotted with signs of habitation, though it is evident that a denser population worked the land in years gone by. …  

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Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia

Time to re-boot: Towards a new environmentalism

In the build-up to the IUCN Congress, a landmark event for conservation, Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia argues that the environmental community needs to re-think its approach. …  

01 Apr 2012 | Article
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Getting ready for work

Mermaids face extinction

By Célia Zwahlen.  People recognize them by the long whistling sound they make when they surface from the sea to breathe. They are exclusively female. On firm ground, they become like the rest of us, blending in while they work the land. But every 15 days the sea calls them back. …  

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HRH Felipe, Prince of Asturias and HSH Prince Albert of Monaco, during the IUCN World Conservation Congress opening ceremony

IUCN's Congress: the common denominator

The IUCN World Conservation Congress is a unique platform gathering people from all ranks of society under the same roof. Encompassing a wide range of viewpoints, the Forum is the perfect environment to share knowledge and reach a rounded vision on conservation. …  

01 Apr 2012 | Article

Nodar Kapanadze from Sakire village with his new bee hive

Don't cut trees, keep bees!

In Georgia, where IUCN is helping rural people find alternative livelihoods to illegal logging, it’s finding that there is great enthusiasm for bee keeping and honey production as a new business venture. …  

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