CEESP Mesoamérica prepara su camino para Knowledge café en Jeju

A finales de febrero se realizó un taller con organizaciones de jóvenes pescadores artesanales, el cual obtuvo valiosos resultados y aportes que enriquecerán el “Knowledge café”, que está preparando la CEESP Mesoamérica, junto con la Oficina Regional y la organización miembro CODDEFFAGOLF, de Honduras; la cual será presentada en setiembre próximo, durante la celebración del Próximo Congreso Mundial de la Conservación. …  

29 Mar 2012 | Article
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Wind farm

El Hierro to become world's first energy self-sufficient island

El Hierro – an island of only 269 km2 and around 10,000 inhabitants in the Canaries archipelago, an autonomous region of Spain and an EU outermost region situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The island hopes to become one of the first entirely energy self-sufficient islands in the world.  …   | Spanish

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New York Third Intersessional Meeting : Day Two

The day started with a meeting for civil society to express their concerns to the Bureau of the Rio+20 conference. Civil society groups expressed concerns about governments bracketing issues related to human rights and equity principles. There is an open letter for signature entitled Rights at Risk at the United Nations which can be accessed at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/rightsatrisk/ and if you want to hear and see how angry civil society is, .... …  

29 Mar 2012 | News story
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Male one year

Reintroduction of the chamois after 150 years of absence

A chamois reintroduction program carried out by the Nature and Man Foundation (FNYH), an IUCN Member since 1997, led to a birth increase of 47% compared to 2010. …   | Spanish

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Vulnerability and capacity assessment conducted by IUCN in March 2012

Cambodian community calls for nature rehabilitation

Entirely situated in Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary (PKWS), Koh Kapik is one of six communes within Koh Kong province. It is located about 30 kilometers southwest of Koh Kong city. 

28 Mar 2012 | Article
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TSG 1.51 Formal session

Dialogue and Cooperation in Transboundary River Basins

Marseille, 14 March 2012. IUCN, WWF, Green Cross International and the IHP-HELP Centre for Water Law, Policy & Science (University of Dundee) co-convened the event “Strengthening Dialogue and Cooperation in Transboundary River Basins”. …  

28 Mar 2012 | News story

Family photo of CeUICN members during annual meeting

CeUICN towards Jeju 2012

The Spanish Committee of IUCN (Comité Español de la UICN – CeIUCN) and its members will meet on 11 and 12 April in Vitoria (nominated European Green Capital) to discuss and agree on the motions to be presented at the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2012 (WCC) in Jeju, Korea [link], thus continuing the participatory process initiated in 2007, prior to the Congress held in Barcelona. …   | Spanish

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Towards sustainable urban planning in Jerusalem

International experts in ecology, biodiversity management and community engagement gathered in Jerusalem with key Israeli specialists to produce strategies for URBIS – an emerging urban biosphere concept. URBIS aims to promote sustainability in city planning transcending municipal boundaries and fostering regional cooperation. …  

28 Mar 2012 | News story
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Allocution d'un exposant au cours de la formation

Atelier de formation en gestion holistique des ressources pastorales a Kousseri au Cameroun

Du 20 au 21 Mars 2012, s’est tenu à Kousséri un atelier de formation des cadres des ministères de l’élevage du Cameroun et du Tchad et des partenaires locaux de l’UICN sur le thème « Gestion Holistique des Ressources Pastorales ». …  

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SOS, SRI, Rhino, 2011A-003, Namibia, Kunene, Black rhino, 11A-03-02

Rhino walks 250 kilometers to return home

During a foot patrol to track rhinos and deter poaching 53 rhinos were sighted including a female that walked 250 km to return home. The SOS-funded project aims for immediate protection of a sub species of the Critically Endangered Black Rhino (Diceros bicornis bicornis) in Namibia`s remote north-west Kunene Region. They are the only rhino that persist on unfenced, communal land with no formal conservation status. Protecting the rhino will also provide increased security of the wider habitat, of which the rhinos form an integral part. …  

27 Mar 2012 | News story
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