African Young Scientists Initiative on Climate Change & Indigenous Knowledge Systems

African Young Scientists COP17 Communique

A round table discussion on the Role of Young Scientists and Indigenous Knowledge Systems on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation at the COP 17 UN Conference on Climate Change produced this communiqué. …  

20 Feb 2012 | News story

Construction of a new biodiversity conservation and renewable energy learning center in Sierra Leone

Biodiversity Conservation and Renewable Energy Learning Centre: Freetown, Sierra Leone

The establishment of a Biodiversity and Renewable Energy Learning Centre near West Africa’s only coastal mountain forest will expand the education on environmental issues in Sierra Leone and the Upper Guinea Forest region. …  

20 Feb 2012 | News story

BCR IUCN Cambodia conducted workshop of training of trainer on “vulnerability and capacity assessment” to four villages in Kampot Province.

Climate Change and coastal Cambodia first insights of VCA in Kampot

 The Building Coastal Resilience project (BCR) IUCN officially launched the EU funded project. This 4-year project will build the capacity of people and the ecosystems on which they depend to cope with impacts of climate change in eight provinces along the coastline between Bangkok and HCMC. 

19 Feb 2012 | Article
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1500 Community members and Government Officials come together to promote commerical fish harvesting in the Tanguar Haor

January 2012: The inaugral ceremony of Commercial Fish Harvesting under the Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor project took place in late January with more than 1500 community people (including 300 women) and government officials in attendance. 

19 Feb 2012 | News story
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Juvenile Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Green Turtle nesting boom in Philippines

A turtle baby boom on the Baguan Island of Turtle Islands in the Philippines has produced a record 1.4 million eggs according to Conservation International (CI) Philippines citing figures from the Department of Environment and Resources (DENR). …  

18 Feb 2012 | News story

Nipon Pongsuwan, a coral expert from  the Phuket Marine Biological Centre with marine experts from various institutes participated in setting up long-term marine and coastal resources monitoring standard methodology for Thai MPAs staff

Marine experts collaborate to brainstorm on setting up long-term marine and coastal resources monitoring for Thailand’s MPAs

Over 25 Thai marine and coastal experts from relevant government agencies and universities brainstormed ideas for a long-term marine and coastal resources monitoring methodology for Thai Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on 17 February 2012, at the Maruay Garden Hotel in Bangkok. The event was supported by the “Evaluating and Improving the Effectiveness of Thailand’s MCPAs” (MEE) and “Strengthening Andaman Marine Protected Areas Network” (SAMPAN) projects.     …  

18 Feb 2012 | News story


Promote water issues in Europe with the Green Week

Every year, the European Commission's Directorate-General for the Environment organises the Green Week, one of the biggest conferences on environmental policy in Europe. You can apply to add your event to the Green Week’s satellite events list – an opportunity to increase visibility of your action.  …  

17 Feb 2012 | News story
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Staghorn Corals

Coral reefs and climate change

There are many causes of local and global coral loss but human-induced climate change is one of the main and undeniable threats. Climate change is having negative effects on coral populations via at least three mechanisms. …  

16 Feb 2012 | News story
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Dr. Susan Mainka

In memory of Dr. Sue Mainka, Head of Science and Knowledge Management

Dr. Sue Mainka passed away on the 12th of February 2012 after a battle with cancer. Sue was Head of the Science and Knowledge Management Unit and brought together a team providing secretariat support for the Commission on Education and Communication.

16 Feb 2012 | News story

Remise officielle de la contribution des PA au Secrétaire Général président du Comité technique (MINFOF)

Processus de relecture de la loi forestière de 1994 : les peuples autochtones remettent officiellement leur contribution

Le réseau Recherche-Action-Concertées (RACOPY) qui regroupe plusieurs organisations de la société civile travaillant sur la problématique des populations autochtones (Baka, Bakola, Bagyéli et Bedzang) au Cameroun, a remis officiellement leur contribution au processus de relecture de la loi forestière le 14 février 2012 au comité technique en charge de ce processus au Ministère des Forêts et de la Faune (MINFOF). …  

16 Feb 2012 | News story
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