IUCN Members presence in New Caledonia

Several IUCN Members are found among the key environmental actors in New Caledonia. These are the New Caledonian South Province and the New Caledonian North Province, and the Association for the Protection of the Nature of New Caledonia. IUCN Members French Marine Protected Areas Agency, WWF-France, Conservation International and the IUCN French Committee works closely with local Members and partners in the country. Much of the activities by IUCN Members have focused on promoting local initiatives for sustainable management of coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass. …  

01 Sep 2012 | Article
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<em>Canavalia favieri</em>

The remarkable biodiversity of dry forests

While they may not present a very spectacular appearance to the uninformed eye, dry forests offer a wealth of exciting discoveries and a remarkable biodiversity to those who take the trouble to get to know them. In order to discover this unique habitat at risk, see here. …  

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The Lagoons of New Caledonia, France

An exceptional heritage and its Observatory

New Caledonia alone comprises of about 75% of the surface of reefs and lagoons of all French territories. Their inclusion in the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2008 is an international recognition of their richness. …  

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Tortoise beetle

Spineless creatures that rule the world

One-fifth of the world’s invertebrates may be threatened with extinction according to ‘Spineless,’ a report published today by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), in conjunction with IUCN. …  

31 Aug 2012 | News story

Historias de Frontera, Programa Trinacional, WWF Colombia.

Conozca nuevas "Historias de Frontera"

Boletín informativo del Programa Trinancional de WWF Colombia …  

31 Aug 2012 | News story
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Curtain Raiser on the IUCN World Conservation Congress for Media

A Curtain Raiser was organised by IUCN Pakistan at the IUCN Country Office, Karachi on August 30th, 2012. The purpose of the Curtain Raiser was to brief the media about the IUCN World Conservation Congress which is being held from September 6-15, 2012 in Jeju, South Korea. …  

30 Aug 2012 | International news release

RSM names Willem Ferwerda Executive Fellow Business & Ecosystems

RSM appoints Willem Ferwerda Executive Fellow Business & Ecosystems …  

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Luis Manuel Maier, Fundacion Vida

From theory in Stockholm to practice in Honduras

Luis Manuel Maier works for IUCN Member 'Fundacion Vida' in Honduras and is currently coordinating the IUCN BRIDGE project in the Goascaran, a river forming the border between Honduras and El Salvador. …  

29 Aug 2012 | News story

Jeju, Republic of Korea

IUCN responds to latest Jeju Naval base campaign

A third open letter was received recently from the Emergency Action Committee to Save Jeju Island. …  

29 Aug 2012 | IUCN statement

IUCN World Conservation Congress logo

Journey through Jeju towards the first IPBES plenary

A guide to key events on IPBES at the forthcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress is now available. It includes discussions on IUCN's role in IPBES, a workshop on how IPBES can bring us further in conserving the world's biodiversity, training sessions on IUCN's flagship knolwedge products, and a number of other events of relevance to science-policy links.  …  

29 Aug 2012 | News story
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