Restoration works on calcareous grassland on the Mount Saint Peter

Exceptional nature in East Belgium: the Mount Saint Peter

The Mount Saint Peter is located at the border between the Wallonian and Flemish Regions of Belgium, not far from the Netherlands. This site, exceptional at European level, consists of a large limestone mass overlooking the Meuse and Geer river valleys. …  

25 Mar 2013 | Article
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Performances économiques des activités d’adaptation au changement climatique dans le bassin de la Volta

Performances économiques des activités d’adaptation au changement climatique dans le bassin de la Volta

Plusieurs initiatives d’adaptation aux effets du changement climatique sont mises en œuvre en milieu rural d’Afrique. Mais, très peu d’attention a été accordée à leurs performances écologiques et économiques. …  

25 Mar 2013 | News story


Yaoundé: Experts work together to eradicate poaching in Central Africa

An emergency meeting of Ministers of the Commission for Central African States in charge of defense and security, foreign relations and the protection of wildlife, has taken place in Yaoundé, Cameroon from 21-23 March 2013. …   | French

25 Mar 2013 | News story

Mekong river

Mekong Days in Washington

The Mekong Region is a massive ecosystem that is the lifeline for more than 60 million people across six countries. In the Lower Mekong Basin, it provides fish to more people than any other river in the world. More than 150 hydropower dams are currently planned, under construction, or commissioned for the Mekong and its tributaries. If constructed, the dams will radically alter the basin’s hydrology, ecology and, consequently, the lives of millions who depend upon it. How can these seemingly opposite demands be met?

22 Mar 2013 | Article
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Lago Titicaca, sistema TDPS, Bolivia.

La gestión transfronteriza del agua en América del Sur sí es posible

A propósito del Día Mundial del Agua, compartimos con ustedes la experiencia de la UICN a través del proyecto mundial BRIDGE, que incluyó a tres cuencas transfronterizas ubicadas en Ecuador, Perú y Bolivia. …  

22 Mar 2013 | News story
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Mark Smith, IUCN Director Global Water Programme

World Water Day, by Mark Smith

Blog article by Mark Smith. "World Water Day is like any themed global day: it’s not really to ‘celebrate’ water, it’s about getting people to pay attention and decide they’re going to take action to solve water problems." …  

22 Mar 2013 | News story

Jean-Christophe Vié

Species conservation — the view from the ground

In his latest blog,  Dr Jean-Christophe Vié, Deputy Director of IUCN’s Global Species Programme and Director, SOS – Save Our Species talks about species conservation and its importance to the broader conservation of our natural world.   Read more here 

22 Mar 2013 | Article


III Mediterranean Forest Week

After the success of the first two Mediterranean Forest Weeks, in 2010 in Antalya (Turkey) and in 2011 in Avignon (France), the Algerian authorities welcome this third edition in Tlemcen from 17-21 March 2013 on the following issue: "Mediterranean forests for sustainable development of territories: what strategies of mitigation and adaptation to global change?" …  

22 Mar 2013 | News story

Sello Ecoturismo, Vida Silvestre Uruguay.

Buenas prácticas para turistas responsables

Algunos ejemplos; visitantes: respeta y cuida la naturaleza del lugar, planifica tu visita, controla los residuos, contribuye a prevenir incendios, no intentes tocar ni agarrar animales silvestres, sé responsable en senderos y camping; operadores turísticos: promueve el manejo adecuado de residuos provenientes de la actividad turística, promueve el consumo responsable del agua y de energía, promueve la participación de sus clientes en charlas de sensibilización ambiental y de turismo responsable. …  

22 Mar 2013 | Article
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