Sello Ecoturismo, Vida Silvestre Uruguay.

Buenas prácticas para turistas responsables

Algunos ejemplos; visitantes: respeta y cuida la naturaleza del lugar, planifica tu visita, controla los residuos, contribuye a prevenir incendios, no intentes tocar ni agarrar animales silvestres, sé responsable en senderos y camping; operadores turísticos: promueve el manejo adecuado de residuos provenientes de la actividad turística, promueve el consumo responsable del agua y de energía, promueve la participación de sus clientes en charlas de sensibilización ambiental y de turismo responsable. …  

22 Mar 2013 | Article
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Cuba's Viñales Valley is an outsanding karst landscape

Access to Genetic Resources: Meeting in Havana, Cuba

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural and food industries around the world have given us innumerable products derived from genetic resources in nature. Sharing the benefits of these products equitably has been of concern to biodiverse developing countries, whose natural resources have given rise to new drugs, crop varieties, and herbal supplements. Providing international access to these resources for research and development, and sharing the commercial benefits of such use, can be beneficial for social and economic development. At the same time, access and benefit-sharing (ABS) offers a concrete example of valuing biodiversity and its ecosystem services, and an economic tool to take proper account of this value. …   | Spanish

22 Mar 2013 | News story

Baldellia ranunculoides subspecies repens

WWT - IUCN partnership will help plants and wetlands

A new partnership has been agreed between the IUCN SSC Freshwater Plant Specialist Group (FPSG) and the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) that will improve wetland conservation and help save threatened plants. …  

21 Mar 2013 | News story

Kadavu, Fiji Islands.

Momentum rolls on with Fiji's national biodiversity plan

National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) are the principal instruments for implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) at the national level and in the past few months IUCN has been supporting the Fiji Government, an IUCN State Member, to review its existing NBSAP Implementation Framework (2010 - 2014). …  

21 Mar 2013 | Article

Mujeres Lideresas por el Cambio, 2013.

Nace la Red de Mujeres Lideresas por el Cambio

La semana pasada en la ciudad de Buenos Aires, por 24 mujeres reconocidas por su liderazgo en ocho países de América Latina, alumnas de GWIM- CEDPA, constituyeron la RedMUA-Mujeres Agentes de Cambio. Mua significa en lengua embera “yo”, y para este grupo significa un gran compromiso con todas las mujeres del mundo, sus causas, sus sueños, su crecimiento, su empoderamiento. …  

21 Mar 2013 | Article
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Rocío Córdoba

Water cooperation in Mesoamerica: Interview with Rocio Cordoba

Continuing our countdown to World Water Day, which is celebrated each year on 22 March, we zoom in on Costa Rica to interview IUCN's Rocio Cordoba on water cooperation in the Mesoamerica region. …   | Spanish

21 Mar 2013 | News story

Women participating in an FAO Farmer Field School focusing on tree planting in Kitui District, Kenya

Join the International Day of Forests celebrations by planting your pledge for action!

More than 1.6 billion people around the world depend on forests for their livelihoods, not just for food but also for fuel, livestock grazing and for medicine. …  

21 Mar 2013 | News story

Helen Pippard, IUCN Oceania

Helping governments, helping species

The CITES CoP 16 was an important event for the Pacific and IUCN's Helen Pippard was there to support the Pacific delegation.   …  

20 Mar 2013 | Article


Students help replant Nantu forest

Marking the International Day of Forests 2013 today, Dr Lynn Clayton, Project director with YANI an SOS grantee, and her young friend Yanto, report on one of several tree planting initiatives helping to build awareness and community support for the preservation of the Nantu forest as well as its threatened species including the Babirusa and Anoa in Sulawesi.  …  

20 Mar 2013 | News story

Ernesto Enkerlin-Hoeflich

Sydney ideal host for the IUCN World Parks Congress, says IUCN WCPA Chair

Ernesto Enkerlin Hoeflich IUCN WCPA Chair …  

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