Cement sea dike at Ganh Hao, Bac Lieu Province

Coastal defense: New thinking needed

A major risk with the current obsession with climate change adaptation is in fact maladaptation: expensive solutions to problems that may never emerge or which themselves create new problems (the famous law of unintended consequences). This is evident in Vietnam where in 2009 the prime minister approved a plan to build concrete sea dikes (replacing the existing dirt dikes), at a cost of US$3 million per kilometer, along the entire coastline. This was motivated in part by a World Bank study that showed that most of the Mekong Delta will be flooded when sea level rises by 1 meter as it is predicted to do sometime between 2050 and 2100. A study by an academic at Can Tho University of the costs and benefits of concrete sea dikes around the Mekong Delta concluded that these were a good idea (http://www.eepsea.net/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=434:adaptation-to-sea-level-rise-in-the-vietnamese-mekong-river-delta-should-a-sea-dike-be-built?&Itemid=192). The assumptions on which the study is based are highly selective, however. For example, it assumes that rice and freshwater shrimp are the highest value land uses in the coastal zone, ignoring the benefits of saltwater aquaculture and changing market demands over time. …   | Vietnamese

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Women and children in Talise, Vanuatu

Signs of progress on women’s role in tackling climate change

To mark International Women’s Day, IUCN is celebrating the progress made in recognising the role of women in national and regional climate change agendas. …  

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Coastal area outside Sendai which will be integrated into Sanriku Reconstruction Park

First Asia Parks Congress strives for protected area connections

Sendai, Japan is set to host the Asia Parks Congress (APC) from November 13 to November 17, 2013 – the first meeting of its kind to be held in the region. The Congress is being organized by the Ministry of the Environment-Japan (MoEJ) and IUCN. The theme “Parks Connect” signifies protected areas connections at many different levels, linking people with nature, people with people and protected areas with pressing world challenges, including disaster risk reduction, climate change, biodiversity loss, and sustainable development and livelihoods. …  

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Les requins à l’épreuve du vote à la COP16 de la CITES

La 16ème conférence des Parties à la CITES, la Convention Internationale sur le Commerce des Espèces Menacées, se tient actuellement à Bangkok. Parmi les projets d’inscription aux annexes I et II figurent plusieurs propositions concernant des espèces de raies et de requins. Il s’agit des propositions n°42 à 46. …  

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IUCN SEE Meeting in Tirana, Albania

Nature+ development in South East Europe

Nature is a resource for people and our well-being. Countries in South East Europe, like elsewhere, have the opportunity to shape a sustainable future where economies grow while protecting natural resources. Will they win the challenge?   …  

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Coverture SEARCH Rapport Morocco

Resilience framework for local action against climate change in Morocco

The Environment Observatory of the Tangier-Tetouan Region, along with the non-governmental organization GERES and other partners in Morocco, organized last 25-28 of February 2013 a Seminar entitled "Climate Change Adaptation and fight against fuel poverty in the region Tetouan Tangier ". The seminar allowed the SEARCH project partners in Morocco (IUCN-Med, University of Tetouan and the Association Talassemtane de l’Environnement et de Developpement) to present the results of the project, including the analysis of climate change vulnerability in pilot areas and the methodology defined for the project on building resilience. …  

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MWD Thailand workshop on nature and environmental laws principles_Bangkok, 22 February 2013

Thai civil society discussed principles of natural resources and environmental laws

Bangkok, 22 February 2013 - Representatives from academia, non-governmental organisations, legal experts and members of the Law Reform Commission of Thailand (LRCT) met to develop a legal reform framework for the integration of laws relating to land, natural resources and the environment l. The meeting was organized by the LRCT, IUCN's Mekong Water Dialogues (MWD), the Asia Foundation and Assembly for the Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources as part of Development. …  

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Éléphants dans le parc de la Garamba (RDC)

Extinction imminente des Eléphants de Forêt

Les éléphants de forêt d’Afrique sont braconnés au point de disparaître. Une étude publiée dans le journal en ligne PLOS ONE montre de manière ahurissante qu’à travers leur aire de répartition en Afrique Centrale, 62% de tous les éléphants de forêts ont été abattus pour leur ivoire au cours des dix dernières années. …  

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Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands serious about green economy transition

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo is convinced that vital economic sectors in Solomon Islands should move to a green economy approach. …  

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