Colourful coral reef, Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Secrets of world’s richest marine area revealed

A new study finds that sea surface temperature, as well as the size and variety of habitats are the main factors responsible for the proliferation of marine life in the Coral Triangle – the most biologically diverse marine region in the world. …   | Chinese

21 Feb 2013 | International news release

Collaboration of IUCN and Pakistan International Bulk Terminal Limited is greening the shores of Port Qasim

Pakistan International Bulk Terminal Limited in collaboration with IUCN Pakistan organised a half-day event at the PIBT site at Port Qasim to highlight the benefits of mangroves for the coastal communities and PIBT’s contribution towards greening and protecting the coasts in the vicinity of Port Qasim. …  

21 Feb 2013 | International news release

White rhino, South Africa

Support Capacity Development in Eastern and Southern Africa, says WCPA Regional Vice Chair, Moses Mapesa

The IUCN WCPA Capacity Development Programme’s purpose is to deliver technical support to national governments to meet their protected area objectives and support governments to meet their commitments under the CBD PoWPA and Aichi Target 11. I call on WCPA members in Eastern and Southern Africa to play a more active role in supporting this programme. …  

21 Feb 2013 | News story
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Energy LI

Blog: Understanding the relationship between water, energy and food security

By Rebecca Welling. Recognition and understanding of the closely-bound interaction between water, energy and food production and use – the 'nexus' – is established in these sectors, but perhaps for many, ‘this nexus’ is still not entirely understood. …  

21 Feb 2013 | News story

Rock Islands, Palau

BIOPAMA bolsters progress on capacity development for protected areas in the Pacific and West Africa

Participation from a wide range of countries and organizations, in addition to a diverse set of perspectives, marked forward strides for BIOPAMA in two recent workshops held in the Pacific and West Africa.  To underline BIOPAMA’s importance to the regions, high level representatives from the European Union, which funds BIOPAMA, and other key stakeholders, such as the ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries) Secretariat, attended the meetings, marking the Programme’s regional launch.  …   | French

21 Feb 2013 | Article
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VI IUCN World Parks Congress

Parks, people, planet: inspiring solutions

Vivid and dynamic, the logo for the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 approved by the International Steering Committee consists of a series of brush strokes each representing a different element of the Australian landscape and a thriving planet: water, earth, fauna, flora and sunlight …  

21 Feb 2013 | Article

SOS RAG, Mali Elephants, Carlton Ward Jr

Surviving the War for Mali's Elephants

The following article is an adaptation of an original blog post written by Dr. Susan Canney, Project Leader with the Mali Elephant Project initiated by WILD Foundation; an SOS Rapid Action Grantee. …  

20 Feb 2013 | News story

Les élèves du Collège ELEBSON au centre de documentation de l’UICN

Les élèves du Collège ELEBSON de Yaoundé en visite au Programme Cameroun de l’UICN

À l’occasion des activités marquant la célébration de la fête de la jeunesse du 11 février 2013, les élevés du collège ELEBSON basé à Yaoundé ont rendu visite à l’UICN ce mercredi 6 février 2013. …  

20 Feb 2013 | Article

Moor Frog

Connecting nature and people in Belgium

Transforming old industrial areas into green areas, providing employment to local people and integrating nature with human activities and the urban environment is what IUCN Members strive to do in Belgium.   …  

20 Feb 2013 | News story

Oliver Greenfield-Green Economy Coalition

Oliver Greenfield Interview-The Green Economy Coalition

We pose several questions to Oliver Greenfield, Convener for the Green Economy Coalition.

  • What are the benefits of investing in Natural Capital and a Green Economy?
  • What role do you think that Business has is incorporating Natural Capital into their operations?
  • How does Business fit into the greater Green Economy framework?
  • What is the role of policy and policy makers in enabling the uptake of a Green Economy?
  • What is the Green Economy Coalition’s future work plan for 2013-2016? 

20 Feb 2013 | News story
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