Sonian Forest in autumn color, Brussels‘ most important green space and forest Natura 2000-site

Capital of the European Union, champion of biodiversity policy

Despite the high level of urbanization and a population of more than a million, the Brussels Capital Region situated in the centre of Belgium is a green area with nearly 50% of its surface free of constructions. …  

19 Feb 2013 | Article
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IUCN Seminar on Marine Genetic Resources in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction - Preparing for the 2013 UN BBNJ Intersessional Workshop Seminar

From 4-6 February, 2013, the IUCN Environmental Law Centre held an informal seminar on marine genetic resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction. The meeting brought together a group of 15 international legal, scientific and policy experts, including members of the Oceans Specialist Group of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, to prepare for the 2013 meeting of the UN Ad Hoc Open-ended Informal Working Group to study issues relating to the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity beyond areas of national jurisdiction (UN BBNJ Working Group), and in particular its Intersessional Workshop on Marine Genetic Resources that will be organized for 2-3 May in New York. …  

19 Feb 2013 | News story

WAZA Treefrog (Gracixalus waza), recently described from Vietnam

WAZA Biodiversity Decade

A modular set of awareness raising tools are being developed, including films, a mobile phone application, social media campaign and visuals. The objective is to make sure the public understands biodiversity and its threats, and to convey stimulating and positive messages. …  

19 Feb 2013 | News story

Niger Delta

IUCN contributes to remediation of Niger Delta oil spill sites

An independent advisory panel on the Niger Delta (Nigeria) set up by the IUCN Business and Biodiversity programme had a workshop during the world conservation congress in Jeju. The host organisation for the workshop, which held on 11th September 2012 in the BEP pavilion, is the Nigerian Environmental Study Action Team (NEST), represented by Gloria Ujor, CEC member. …  

19 Feb 2013 | News story

Equipo de trabajo en los Consejos Comunitarios de Alto y Medio Dagua, y Bajo Calima, Colombia. Autora: Cristina Sobaler

Cómo enfrentar los desafíos ambientales en América Latina

El proyecto COMET-LA (Gestión Comunitaria Participativa de los Desafíos Ambientales en Latinoamérica) avanza en el estudio de la gestión comunitaria como herramienta para luchar contra los retos medioambientales. El Comité Español de la UICN participa, junto a diez entidades europeas y latinoamericanas, en esta iniciativa financiada por el 7º Programa Marco de la UE. 

19 Feb 2013 | News story

Blog Foro Tuqueque

Elogio a la educación ambiental: Un homenaje en su NO día

Tomé prestado la esencia del título de un imprescindible artículo de Pablo Meira para hablar del porqué la educación ambiental. …  

19 Feb 2013 | News story

Calendrio 2013

La Fundación Patagonia Natural distribuye su calendario 2013

La edición número 20 del calendario está dedicada a la Flora y Fauna de la Costa Argentina y se distribuye gratuitamente en escuelas e instituciones de la Patagonia Argentina y costa de Buenos Aires. …  

19 Feb 2013 | News story

Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions

Call to action for Water, Energy, and Food Security

The dialogue is a call to action to those leading transformations in water infrastructure planning, financing and operation from IUCN and IWA. …  

19 Feb 2013 | News story

IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and Alcoa Foundation announce the launch of the ‘Powered by Nature’ competition in which European communications students are challenged to co-create a social media campaign.

Powered by Nature: Social media student competition aims to shape the future of energy

Students across Europe to partner with sustainability experts on public awareness campaign. Apply by 30 April. 

19 Feb 2013 | News story


Natural Connections Conference March 2013

The theme for 2013 is ‘the bigger picture’. It is about achieving more for wildlife and people across landscapes by thinking big. That’s bigger scale, broader involvement, and bigger picture ideas and approaches. …  

19 Feb 2013 | News story