SOS 11A-14-13

Community Cats

Why would someone rush out of the city on Friday after work to drive deep into the night and get up extra early the following morning just to go for a walk? Because it’s not just any walk; it’s a CAT (Citizen Action for Tigers) walk where participants volunteer to help protect Malaysia’s wildlife. And indeed community participation – a hallmark of many SOS funded projects, is what makes the difference.   …  

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Yaoui (BENIN) - Voyage d'échange Apiculture pour les associations PPI

Décembre 2012-BENIN: voyage d'échange sur l'apiculture à Yaoui de la part de six associations PPI.3

Six associations bénéficiant d’une subvention du Programme de Petites Initiatives (PPI) du FFEM ont participé du 18 au 20 décembre 2012 à un voyage d’échange d’expériences au sein de l’entreprise solidaire « Ruche des Collines, RDC » basée à Yaoui (commune de Ouèssè), localité située à environ 328 km de Cotonou sur l’axe Cotonou - Parakou …  

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Mbalmayo (CAMEROUN) - ONG ADECOL, Inventaires forestiers dans la forêt d'Oyenga

CAMEROUN-ADECOL: les inventaires forestiers d’exploitation des trois forêts communautaires concernées par le projet PPI sont désormais finalisés

L’ONG ADECOL a mené au cours des derniers mois des inventaires forestiers dans les trois Forêts Communautaires (FC) concernées par son projet PPI en cours. Les inventaires sont désormais finalisés dans les FC d’Adimbia (4.730 ha) et d’Adizan (4.992 ha) et dans la FC d’Oyenga (5.000 ha) et les données récoltées ont pu être analysées et traitées. …  

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Floating market

A recipe linking nature and people

Have you ever wondered how to represent the links between nature and people in a simple way to facilitate decision making? A diverse group of experts share their tips in addressing this very challenge and suggest possible ingredients of such a representation. The hope is that this 'recipe' will help the work of the top new nature platform (IPBES) in relating biodiversity and its benefits to human well-being, sustainability and conservation. …  

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Female Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis)

Saving Saola from snares

An initiative created by the Saola Working Group of IUCN's Species Survival Commission (SSC) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Greater Mekong Programme has removed and destroyed 26,651 snares from the forests of Viet Nam and Laos that are home to the rare and elusive Saola. …  

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Sunset in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu taps into solar, wind and hydro power

IUCN is helping the island nation of Vanuatu to utilize renewable energy sources to provide modern energy services and improve health and education services in outer island communities. …  

24 Jan 2013 | Article

Pollination, an ecosystem service, worth billions of dollars each year.

The power of integration

Diego Juffe says that better integrating IUCN’s knowledge will improve the world’s ability to make informed decisions about the environment. IUCN’s wealth of knowledge is already central to the emerging IPBES. The aim is not to reinvent the wheel, but to make sure this knowledge is made easily available and most useful to those that can help tackle biodiversity loss. …  

24 Jan 2013 | Article

Invitación a la actividad

Primer Tianguis de productos locales y naturales de Cacahoatán, México

Como respuesta para enfrentar los efectos del cambio climático en sus medios de vida, los productores del municipio de Cacahoatán se organizan para comercializar sus hortalizas naturales y conservar la microcuenca Buena Vista. …  

24 Jan 2013 | News story
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Stakeholders - DNA of the new top nature platform

This week, more than 100 governments are gathered in Bonn for the first plenary meeting of the new global platform linking science and policy on biodiversity and its benefits (IPBES). Right at the heart of the buzzing crowd, is also a diverse group of other stakeholders and partners, including IUCN and its Members. What are they calling for and will the governments answer? …  

24 Jan 2013 | News story

Sydney Harbour National Park

Leaders wanted for sixth World Parks Congress

The world’s most influential gathering of people involved in parks and protected area management – the IUCN World Parks Congress - is calling for inspiring leaders who will help position protected areas as solutions to some of today’s biggest global challenges and shape the agenda for protected areas and their management over the next decade and beyond. …   | Spanish

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