Sydney Harbour National Park

Leaders wanted for sixth World Parks Congress

The world’s most influential gathering of people involved in parks and protected area management – the IUCN World Parks Congress - is calling for inspiring leaders who will help position protected areas as solutions to some of today’s biggest global challenges and shape the agenda for protected areas and their management over the next decade and beyond. …   | Spanish

24 Jan 2013 | News story

Volcán Chimborazo, Ecuador.

“The Climate is Changing and You can Too” on social networks

Over the next six weeks, you can learn more about the project -documents, photo galleries, videos and radio programs,  through IUCN’s social networks:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/uicn.sur
Twitter: hashtag #climacambia, cuenta @UICN_SUR
  …   | Spanish

24 Jan 2013 | News story

Simon Stuart on the science programme 'Nano' by 3sat, German TV

Balancing biodiversity science and political authority

Simon Stuart from IUCN's Species Survival Commission together with Günter Mitlacher from WWF Germany, an IUCN Member, Achim Steiner from UNEP and others share their expectations for IPBES at the historic first meeting of this new biodiversity platform in Bonn, Germany. …  

23 Jan 2013 | Video

Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Country Representative IUCN Pakistan

IUCN Pakistan appoints Mahmood Akhtar Cheema as Country Representative

IUCN Pakistan has appointed Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Cheema as Country Representative. Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Cheema brings with him over 20 years of experience in natural resource management and more than 15 years of experience with IUCN. …  

23 Jan 2013 | International news release

Integrando Fronteras

“Integrating Borders”: Informational Video on the Binational Work of Costa Rica and Panama

The video “Integrating Borders” recounts the history, activities and future course of the Costa Rica-Panama Convention on Border Development …   | Spanish

23 Jan 2013 | News story
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Juliane Zeidler, IUCN CEC Chair

IUCN CEC Newsletter January 2013

 Welcome to the first newsletter of the new year, featuring the IUCN CEC Annual Report 2012. …  

23 Jan 2013 | News story

House submerged in Hong Ngu district, Dong Thap Province during floods (taken in September 2011)

The climate change endgame

Whether in Davos or almost anywhere else that leaders are discussing the world’s problems, they are missing by far the biggest issue: the rapidly deteriorating global environment and its ability to support civilization, writes Dr Thomas E. Lovejoy, member of the IUCN-US board of directors, in The New York Times. …  

23 Jan 2013 | Article

Barbara Block will create underwater listening stations that track marine predators

Tracking sharks with the Rolex Awards for Enterprise

Barbara Block, a renowned marine scientist received a 2012 Rolex Award for Enterprise. Her award will be used to monitor the activity of sharks off the coast of California and increase public awareness of the marine environment. …  

22 Jan 2013 | Article

Household in Tonga with a new solar home system.

Solar lights for homes in three remote Tongan islands

In Tonga IUCN worked with the government and provided essential lighting to more than 100 homes in three remote islands in the Ha’apai group. …  

22 Jan 2013 | Article

NSC meeting - Golden Tulip, Beirut

Building Bridges: The National Steering Committee in Lebanon

The National Steering Committee for the SEARCH project in Lebanon meets at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Beirut to discuss the project, its accomplishments and future plans. …  

22 Jan 2013 | Article
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