The Watermen Project

IUCN’s Ocean Ambassador William Winram goes out tagging The Great White !

William Winram, new Variable Weight Free-Diving World Champion and IUCN’s Ocean Ambassador is at the head of the Watermen project, a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean conservation, focusing on the research of sharks with non-invasive tagging methods. …  

22 Nov 2013 | Article

37th UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting, Phnom Penh, June 2013

Twelve new members elected to World Heritage Committee

Representatives of the 190 States Parties to the 1972 World Heritage Convention elected 12 new members to the 21-member intergovernmental Committee in charge of managing UNESCO’s World Heritage List and implementing the Convention. …  

21 Nov 2013 | News story

Djerdap National Park, Serbia

Conservation news from South Eastern Europe

The autumn issue of the IUCN SEE e-Bulletin brings an overview of conservation activities in the region and sheds light on the recently finalized IUCN’s Strategic Plan for South-Eastern Europe. …  

21 Nov 2013 | News story
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Rangers Exchange

Workshop steps up refinement of protected area professional competences

To effectively conserve biodiversity, and provide ecosystem services and other benefits, protected areas must have good management and governance, be well-connected, and have management integrated across the wider landscapes and seascapes. To reach these goals, protected areas also need a well-trained workforce that is competent, and which has the right combination of skills, knowledge and attitude. …  

21 Nov 2013 | Article
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World Heritage, Transboundary Protected Area

Calculating and valuing nature’s riches: the World Forum on Natural Capital opens

Getting politicians and business leaders to value and account for the goods and services provided by nature is the key mission of the World Forum on Natural Capital which opens in Edinburgh, Scotland today. …  

21 Nov 2013 | News story

Aerial view of Rainbow Reef -  Vanua Levu, Fiji.

BIOPAMA to contribute to upcoming Pacific fora

A series of events taking place in Suva, Fiji from 25 November to 6 December will provide an opportunity to advance the work of BIOPAMA in the Pacific region, while maximizing the potential to gain a concentrated account of regional progress on the implementation of ecosystem conservation. …  

21 Nov 2013 | News story

Women in Ohiamatu Simpa, Ghana, discussing the future of their landscape

Governments must commit to providing significant funds for climate change adaptation

Ministers meeting at global climate talks in Warsaw should heed the lessons of past disasters  | Spanish

20 Nov 2013 | IUCN statement

CEESP establishes a "Cross-Theme Biofuels Task Force"

The many kinds of expertise CEESP members bring to IUCN make it ideally suited to addressing the problems associated with biofuels development and expansion. CEESP’s broad mission extends from defending the livelihoods of indigenous people toimproving the social and environmental performance of businesses.

20 Nov 2013 | Article
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WAZA as formal partner of the CBD starts campaign in support of the Biodiversity Decade

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), and its members, with their experience in awareness raising and interaction with the public, are well positioned to help educate the public about the need to protect biodiversity during the Decade on Biodiversity. Indeed, during its 66th Annual conference WAZA members unanimously endorsed the UN Decade on Biodiversity and supported both the Aichi Biodiversity targets and a WAZA global project supporting both the Decade and the Aichi targets.   …  

20 Nov 2013 | Article
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Indigenous Woman, Ecuador

Indigenous and Local Knowledge in IPBES

Will the new IPBES go the way of IPCC, or will it do a better job in using indigenous and local knowledge? An International Expert and Stakeholder Workshop took place on 9-11 June 2013 in Tokyo, on “The Contribution of Indigenous and Local Knowledge Systems to IPBES”. 

20 Nov 2013 | Article