Maleo bird, Sulawesi, ALTO

Sparing a thought for Maleo birds on World Egg Day

Today is World Egg Day, when agribusiness promotes the consumption of eggs as a healthy source of protein. When it comes to one of Indonesia’s national icons however, the Endangered Maleo bird (Macrocephalon maleo), conservationists such as the Alliance for Tompotika Conservation (AlTo), an SOS - Save Our Species grantee, are trying to discourage the practice of eating its giant eggs for special occasions. …  

11 Oct 2013 | News story


博茨瓦纳与IUCN共同呼吁全球应采取行动制止盗猎非洲象 …  

11 Oct 2013 | IUCN statement

Experts hone Sindh Environment Protection Bill

Sindh will soon get its own green law: Dr Sikandar

Environmental Protection Agency, Government of Sindh (Sindh EPA) arranged a consultative meeting in collaboration with National Impact Assessment Programme (NIAP) of IUCN Pakistan here on Thursday, to seek comments and suggestions on the draft of Sindh Environment Protection Bill, in which the need for redefining the environmental jurisdiction of Sindh, putting the element of dynamism in environmental solutions under the proposed act and extensive coverage of marine pollution control was particularly stressed by the participants. …  

10 Oct 2013 | News story

Mekong: Viet Nam - the Delta film screening and panel discussion at FCCT

Mekong Delta in the Crossfire of Change

A new documentary film highlights the fragility of the Mekong Delta in the face of triple threats from rapid development, climate change and hydropower development. …  

10 Oct 2013 | News story
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African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)

Botswana and IUCN call for global action to stop African elephant poaching

As the surge in African elephant poaching and illegal ivory trade continues, the Government of Botswana and IUCN are convening a high-level summit on the African Elephant calling for stronger global action to halt the illegal trade and secure viable elephant populations across Africa. …  

10 Oct 2013 | News story

Claire Warmenbol

Blog: All hands to the pump: nexus lessons and solutions from Bogotà

Blog by Claire Warmenbol. As part of the ‘Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions’, I recently attended a workshop in Bogotà, Colombia – the second in a series of three regional workshops, jointly organised by IUCN and IWA. …  

10 Oct 2013 | News story

Gran Chaco.

Más información sobre el Chaco, disponible

Finalizó la implementación del proyecto “Consolidando la gestión de áreas protegidas como un aporte a la reducción de la pobreza en América del Sur”. La UICN y OAPN ponen a disposición una publicación e infografías sobre los dos parques nacionales del Gran Chaco, donde se llevó a cabo la investigación. …  

09 Oct 2013 | News story
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Mitzela Davila

Interview with Mitzela Davila: Star Alliance beneficiary and BRIDGE project champion

As part of IUCN's partnership with the Star Alliance Biosphere Connections, each year a select number of project and field work partners are sponsored to travel to international meetings and events that will benefit their work. …   | Spanish

09 Oct 2013 | News story

Polar bears (Ursus maritimus)

Pole to Pole: One small step, one giant leap

The leading zoos and aquariums of Europe, through the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) will, together with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Arctic Action Team and other partners, raise awareness and stimulate behaviour change for the conservation of the biodiversity of the two Poles.  …  

09 Oct 2013 | News story
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IUCN Photolibrary/Michelle Laurie

IUCN Statement on issues surrounding arrest of Greenpeace activists

Call for a peaceful, just and fair resolution of the issues surrounding the arrest of Greenpeace activists onboard the Arctic Sunrise …  

09 Oct 2013 | IUCN statement