Consulting on the Blue Society

The Sea for Society project is in the process of examining how it is that a more integrated and sustainable approach to marine and maritime systems can be achieved in Europe. Between May and October of this year citizens from all of Europe will be meeting to discuss such issues and help towards the goal of defining a new vision for the marine environment: the Blue Society.  …  

29 Aug 2013 | News story
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Mr. Georges Dehoux, Project Officer at the Delegation of the European Union to Cambodia gave welcome remark to all participant

Inception Workshop on Strengthening Capacity of Fishing Communities in the Tonle Sap to Manage their Natural Resources Sustainably

 Siem Reap, 19 August 2013 – An inception workshop on Strengthening Capacity of Community Fisheries (CFi) in the Tonle Sap to Manage ther Natural Resources Sustainability was organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in partnership with the Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT). The objectives of the workshop were: to introduce the new project, to present the results of an analysis of social and environmental conditions atthe three pilot sites in Tonle Sap and to gather feedback to improve project design. The event brought together 51 participants from local and international NGOs, Fisheries Administration, and community fisheries. …  

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Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda

Medalla de Honor al Mérito Ecológico a Roberto Pedraza Ruiz

 Querétaro, Qro., 19 de agosto de 2013.- En sesión de la Comisión de Desarrollo Sustentable en la LVII Legislatura del Estado se aprobó otorgar la Medalla de Honor al Mérito Ecológico del Poder Legislativo del Estado de Querétaro a Roberto Pedraza Ruiz, como un reconocimiento a las acciones de quienes se preocupan y se ocupan por preservar el medio ambiente y a la vez reconocer a quienes se distinguen por el trabajo ecológico y constante en beneficio de la sociedad queretana. …  

28 Aug 2013 | News story
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Ile a Vache, Haiti

Creation of a New Protected Area in Southwestern Haiti

 On Wednesday August 7th, 2013 Haiti’s Council of Ministers announced the creation of the “Protected Area of Natural Resources Management of Port Salut/Aquin (Aire Protégée de Ressources Naturelles Gérées de Port Salut/Aquin)” located in southwestern Haiti. It is composed of five zoned sites enclosed within an area covering a total of close to 150,000 hectares (1,500 sq.km.) and includes mixed marine and terrestrial sites. …  

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Asamblea General del CICA

Reconocimiento a UICN en Asamblea General del Consejo Indígena de Centroamérica (CICA)

 La X Asamblea del Consejo Indígena de Centroamérica (CICA) se llevó a cabo los días 30 y 31 de julio y 1 de agosto del 2013 en la ciudad de Guatemala, actividad durante la cual se eligieron las nuevas autoridades del CICA que fungirán en sus puestos en los próximos dos años. …  

28 Aug 2013 | News story
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Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Launch of BRIDGE publications for World Water Week

IUCN and BRIDGE has launched a series of publications in conjunction with World Water Week and in line with the 2013 UN designed International Year of Water Cooperation. …  

28 Aug 2013 | News story
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Publication "Invasive alien species: the urban dimension"

Invasive alien species: the urban dimension

Invasive alien species (IAS) pose a significant threat to biodiversity in Europe, and this threat is likely to increase in the future unless meaningful action is taken at all levels to control the introduction and establishment of these species and address those already introduced. IUCN has released a publication which compiles case studies from more than 15 European countries and beyond to showcase examples of concrete action at the urban level.  …  

28 Aug 2013 | News story

SOS, RAG, Siamese Crocodile, Cambodia

Capturing Critically Endangered Siamese Crocodiles for translocation into a secure release site

Usually considered as a last resort solution, species translocation can be contentious but necessary. …  

28 Aug 2013 | News story

Participants de l'atelier

Third national workshop on Marine Protected Areas in Morocco

IUCN-Med participated in the third national workshop on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Morocco, which took place in Rabat, on August 23, 2013. This workshop was part of the Small-scale Fisheries project. It marked the end of the activities concerning MPAs, which had led to the creation of 3 MPAs on Moroccan coasts. This last meeting was the opportunity to review the accomplishments and eventual follow-ups to the project. …   | French

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New Caledonia Reefs from the air

Pacific Plan annual report shows progress on sustainable development

In the recently published Pacific Plan Annual Progress Report 2013, a number of issues related to the region’s efforts to develop sustainably have been reported on. Some of the highlights include: the legislative and regulatory framework for Deep Sea Minerals that has been endorsed by all 15 Pacific ACP states; the development of MPAs in the region, including New Caledonia’s desire to implement a conservation area to link up with that of Australia; and increased collaboration amongst Pacific states to combat IUU fishing.     …  

27 Aug 2013 | Article
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