Randall Arauz

Randall Arauz escogido como uno de 100 Ángeles Guardianes del Planeta

Entre el 3 y 5 de junio, se llevó a cabo en el edificio de la UNESCO en París, Francia, el Congreso Fundador de los Juegos Verdes, donde Randall Arauz fue escogido como uno de los "100 Ángeles Guardianes del Planeta." El evento se llevó a cabo en el marco de la Conferencia Global Para El Desarrollo Sostenible.  …  

28 Jun 2013 | News story
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A resident of Chivoko (Solomon Islands) navigates past an islet near Cape Alexander on his 8-hour journey to Taro, the provincial capital

Solomon Islands’ revises energy policy

The Solomon Island's Government, a State Member of IUCN, is currently reviewing its National Energy Policy (NEP). As part of this process, a National Energy Forum (NEF) was convened from 19 - 20 June. IUCN Oceania was amongst various stakeholders from the region that attended this forum. …  

27 Jun 2013 | Article

N.Colleton at Trondheim

CEC Deputy Chair Nancy Colleton at Trondheim Conference

Science has an important role in successfully communicating the biodiversity challenge. "We must do a better job of applying the latest social science research," said the CEC Deputy Chair in her presentation at the Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity. …  

27 Jun 2013 | News story

Guía Explicativa de la UICN sobre el Protocolo de Nagoya sobre Acceso y Participación en los Beneficios (EPLP No. 83)

La Guía Explicativa de la UICN sobre el Protocolo de Nagoya sobre Acceso y Participación en los Beneficios disponible ahora en español

27 de Junio, 2013. En octubre 10 de 2012, durante la 11° reunión de la Conferencia de las Partes del Convenio de la Diversidad Biológica que tuvo lugar en Hyderabad, India, se llevó a cabo el lanzamiento de la Guía explicativa del Protocolo de Nagoya sobre acceso a los recursos genéticos y participación justa y equitativa en los beneficios derivados de su utilización en su versión en ingles. Desde hoy dicha Guía Explicativa está disponible en su versión final en español.  …  

27 Jun 2013 | News story

Carrying firewood in Uganda

Sharing the benefits of Uganda’s forest conservation efforts

IUCN’s “Towards Pro-Poor REDD+” project has produced a study on how Uganda, and other developing countries, should share benefits from reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+). …  

27 Jun 2013 | Article

Tajikistan, Muzkol Range

222 Natural World Heritage sites to protect

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 27 June, 2013 (IUCN) – From vast deserts in Namibia and Mexico to high mountain ranges in China and Tajikistan and Mount Etna in Italy, five exceptional natural areas were added to the World Heritiage List, following IUCN’s recommendations. This brings the total number of natural places demanding the highest levels of international protection to 222. Tajik National Park is the first natural World Heritage Site in Tajikistan, and covers almost one fifth of the country. …   | Dutch

27 Jun 2013 | International news release


Join the WasteSmART competition

The European Environment Agency (EEA) organises a creative competition, where they invite Europeans to their views about waste through a photo, video or cartoon.  …  

26 Jun 2013 | News story

Forest ranger with a felled Siamese rosewood tree left behind by loggers after the raid. Forest rangers are tasked with laborious and dangerous jobs to protect the forests, but with little support from the government.

More must be done to safeguard our Natural World Heritage

On 14th March 2013, 33 year old forest ranger Thaweesak Chomyong, was killed trying to prevent illegal Phayung (Siamese Rosewood) logging in Pang Sida National Park. This tragedy shocked many people in Thailand. It made us stop and think, and ask the question “What is really happening in our most important protected forests?” …  

26 Jun 2013 | Article