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Local fishers in PNG

Protecting and safeguarding the environment through Law

From Indonesia to the Solomon Islands, 363 million people depend on marine resources in the Coral Triangle region (CTR). Coping with threats from human activities and climate change is a major stake in the western Pacific region which faces overfishing, destructive fishing methods (cyanide or blast), increasing human populations and loss of critical habitats. Increasing the resilience of the coastal and marine ecosystem by strengthening coastal and marine management will contribute to food and livelihood security. …  

07 Jul 2015 | News story

Pesca artesanal en los manglares. Chiapas, Mexico

Representantes de varios países analizaron los beneficios múltiples de las actividades relacionadas al Carbono Azul.

Del 23 y 25 de junio se llevó a cabo el taller internacional de Políticas relacionadas a Carbono Azul (Blue Carbon Initiative) en Guayaquil, Ecuador. El taller, organizado por el Ministerio del Ambiente del Ecuador (MAE), la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (UICN) y Conservación Internacional (CI).  …  

06 Jul 2015 | News story

Firma del Acuerdo, de izquierda a derecha: Julio Yuquilema Vicepresidente del GAD de San Juan, Érica Narváez Directora Ejecutiva de Ecopar, Darwin Morales técnico del MAGAP y Marcos Cerra Coordinador Regional del Proyecto de UICN,que asistió como testigo de la firma.

Concluyen las Escuelas de Campo en Conservación de Páramo y Adaptación al Cambio Climático en Chimborazo, Ecuador

El viernes 19 de junio se realizó el evento de cierre y socialización de las Escuelas de Campo (ECA) para la Conservación de Páramo y Adaptación al Cambio Climático realizadas por el proyecto Comunidades de los Páramos que está siendo implementado por la Corporación ECOPAR en las comunidades Pulinguí San Pablo y Chorrera Mirador, en la parroquia de San Juan, en las faldas del volván Chimborazo, Ecuador.  …  

06 Jul 2015 | News story

Blue Carbon workshop

Financing mechanisms and multiple benefits of coastal ecosystem regeneration identified as key to government integration of blue carbon policies

Identifying ways of factoring the climate change mitigation role of coastal ecosystems into policy making has been the focus of an international workshop held 23-25 June in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  Around 50 participants from around the world joined the discussion in Guayaquil, either in person or remotely and shared lessons learnt from national and project level implementation efforts on Blue Carbon (BC). …  

06 Jul 2015 | Article

Solomon Islands

Pacific tool for improved protected area information

The BIOPAMA programme is establishing in the Pacific a Regional Reference Information System (RRIS) to help improve information about protected areas in this region. The RRIS is housed within the Pacific Islands Protected Areas Portal (PIPAP), currently being developed as an important regional hub for information exchange between people working with protected areas. …  

06 Jul 2015 | Article

Lena Pillars Nature Park, Russia

Sinyaya area added to Russia’s Lena Pillars World Heritage site

The World Heritage listed Lena Pillars Nature Park in the Russian Federation has been increased by 9% after the World Heritage Committee followed IUCN’s recommendation to approve a change in the site’s boundaries. …  

06 Jul 2015 | News story

Blue and John Crow Mountains, Jamaica

Jamaica’s first World Heritage listing ups the number of natural sites to 229

The Blue and John Crow Mountains has become Jamaica’s first World Heritage site today, following advice from IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, responsible for evaluating the site’s natural values. Extensions of South Africa’s Cape Floral Region Protected Areas and Viet Nam’s Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park were also approved by the World Heritage Committee, as recommended by IUCN. …  

03 Jul 2015 | International news release

Finger coral in shallw water, Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, Hawaii

Ocean life facing a corrosive future - new report

The ocean moderates human-induced global warming but at the cost of profound alterations to its physics, chemistry, ecology and ecosystems services. These are the findings of a report published today in Science by the Oceans 2015 Initiative and co-authored by IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas Marine Vice Chair, Dan Laffoley. …  

02 Jul 2015 | News story

Subscribe to the RCF Bulletin

Members and particpants can now be updated on the latest developments via a weekly bulletin sent to their emails. …  

02 Jul 2015 | Article

2nd Think-Tank meeting on the Mediterranean Biodiversity Platform held in Malaga

Mediterranean joining forces for biodiversity information challenges

Nine environmental international organisations across the Mediterranean gathered today in Malaga to discuss how to give shape to an initiative that seeks cooperation in the field of data and information biodiversity in the region. …  

02 Jul 2015 | News story

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