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Tram Chim National Park

The price of rice in Tram Chim National Park

Tram Chim National Park is an ornithological paradise. Spread over seven villages, this sleepy Vietnamese haven lies 19km east of the Mekong Delta in the ‘Plain of Reeds’ in Dong Thap province, a mere stone’s throw from the Cambodian border. Established as a provincial-level Natural Reserve in 1991 and a National Park in 1998 by governmental decision, Tram Chim provides the perfect home for over 200 types of wonderful birds. Tourists flock to the park to see the towering red-headed crane, a rare but beautiful bird which, at an impressive 1m 80cm high, stands taller than the average adult person. The park is also renowned for its mangroves, nurseries for marine life and the surrounding landscape of farming plots for rice and shrimp. …  

21 Aug 2014 | Article

Fijian bicycle rider relaxing

‘Completing the cycle’ in Fiji: Improving the health of humans and the planet

The LifeCycle initiative hit the road this week, as a multi-sector stakeholder meeting was held to help encourage the uptake of cycling in Fiji as a healthy and climate-friendly form of personal transport. …  

21 Aug 2014 | News story

Durante la actividad se buscó fortalecer las capacidades técnicas, empresariales y financieras en el marco de la estrategia de restauración del paisaje forestal en la península de Yucatán, México.

¿Cómo hacer negocios con la restauración forestal?

X-PUJIL, Campeche, México.- El 12 y 13 de agosto de 2014 Reforestamos México y la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (UICN) realizaron un taller con la finalidad de fortalecer las capacidades técnicas, empresariales y financieras en el marco de la estrategia de restauración del paisaje forestal en la península de Yucatán, México.  …  

21 Aug 2014 | News story

Lahij, Azerbaijan

Are Azerbaijan’s Ancient Forest Communities Ready for Climate Change?

The ancient language, streets, arts, and even sewers of this mountain village in northern Azerbaijan have withstood the test of time, but how ready is the village to adapt to a changing climate?  

20 Aug 2014 | Article

Representative from IUCN Viet Nam receiving an award from Quang Nam PPC

Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee awards IUCN for its conservation efforts in Cu Lao Cham Marine Protected Area

On May 22, 2014, IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature received an award from the Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee for its support to the Cu Lao Cham Marine Protected Area (MPA) and Biosphere Reserve. This is a great honour for IUCN and recognizes our work helping to protect these important areas. …  

20 Aug 2014 | Article
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World Ranger Day 2014, Thailand

To rangers with love & admiration

What do you want to be when you grow up? This question is often asked of children. But how many kids answer: “I want to be a ranger"? …  

20 Aug 2014 | Article

Participantes taller nacional Colombia, proyecto Amazonía más allá de las fronteras, 2014.

Cuarto taller nacional sobre Gestión de Áreas Protegidas de la Amazonía, en Colombia

Liderado por la UICN, el 14 y 15 de agosto pasados representantes de organizaciones involucradas en la gestión de las áreas protegidas amazónicas de Colombia se reunieron en el marco del Proyecto “Amazonía más allá de las fronteras, lecciones aprendidas en áreas protegidas”. …  

19 Aug 2014 | News story

Beqa Island, Fiji.

BIOPAMA: Developing capacity across the regions and on to Sydney

Capacity development for protected areas management is universally accepted as a top priority. And in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, many protected areas do not achieve their objectives of conserving key species, ecosystems and services, due to limited human and institutional capacity; particularly to access and use information to improve decision making. BIOPAMA (the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Programme) is responding to this challenge by developing capacity for protected area management through work at the regional level, and through wider collaboration with a range of global actors and local actors to develop and share best practices. Some of these will be showcased at the protected areas event of the decade: the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014. …  

19 Aug 2014 | News story

Newhopper 2014

Newshopper of the Grasshopper Specialist Group available

The latest Newshopper of the IUCN SSC Grasshopper Specialist Group is available. You can download it from here. …  

19 Aug 2014 | Article

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

The lure of Thailand's sunken treasure

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand …  

19 Aug 2014 | Article

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