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Charlotte Karibuhoye Said, WCPA - Central and West Africa

A vision for protected areas in Central and West Africa

by Charlotte Karibuhoye Said
The Central and West Africa region covers 26 countries that span a diversity of landscapes from Sahara desert areas and the Sahel in the north, through herbaceous and shrub savannahs, the equatorial forest belt around the Congo basin, to the numerous delta and estuaries, islands and islets off the Atlantic ocean. This diversity of ecosystems is also reflected in a wealth of species, with the presence of iconic, endemic and threatened species.
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20 Apr 2016 | Article

Taller de Sostenibilidad Financiera de las Áreas Protegidas Amazónicas

Países amazónicos trabajarán en conjunto para garantizar los recursos económicos de las áreas protegidas de esta región.

 Las áreas protegidas son claves para conservar la Amazonía y para el desarrollo de los países que la conforman; su existencia puede verse comprometida si no se cuenta con recursos suficientes y constantes para gestionarlas. …  

20 Apr 2016 | News story

Special Report on the Ocean to be produced by the Intergovernmental Group on Climate Change (IPCC) with support of the Prince Albert II Foundation

IUCN is pleased to announce that its Patron for Nature HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, through his Foundation, has approached the IPCC (Intergovernmental Group on Climate Change) during its 41st session in February 2015, asking it to produce a Special Report on the Ocean, which marks a major milestone for Planet Ocean. …  

20 Apr 2016 | News story

Bhutan, Himalayas

Bhutan: more than half

 A tiny Himalayan country, landlocked between India and China, has become one of the first – perhaps the first – to meet calls for “nature needs half” by setting aside over half of its land into protected areas and biological corridors. As Bhutan develops, after centuries of isolation, exactly what this commitment means is a focus of both national and international attention. …  

20 Apr 2016 | Article

BEST 2.0 Projects selected

New BEST Projects selected!

New BEST Projects selected! The European Commission has selected 8 medium-scale and 8 small-scale projects to be awarded grants, providing essential support in Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs).  …  

20 Apr 2016 | Article

Engro Elengy invites Students of the Karachi University to contribute to the Mangroves Ecosystem

An Exposure Visit was jointly organized by IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Engro Elengy Terminal Limited under the “Mangroves Ecosystem Restoration Project” funded by Engro Elengy Terminal Limited. Under this project IUCN Pakistan will plant mangroves on 500 hectares of land surrounding Port Qasim Area. …  

19 Apr 2016 | News story

13A-049-009, Chimbo Boé landscape in the rainy season, SOS SAve OUr Species, Stichting Chimbo, Boé Region, Guinea-Bissau

Bush fire management in the Boé

In a region such as the Boé, Guinea Bissau, effective fire management is critical to maintaining a balance between local wildlife and farming community needs, according to Tedros Medhin, project coordinator with grantee Stichting Chimbo (Chimbo). “Thanks to SOS our bush fire control program could be expanded”. The project target species is Chimpanzees in and around the future Boé National Park.   …  

18 Apr 2016 | News story

REVOLVE Magazine issue 19, Spring 2016

Benefits of healthy forests and forest ecosystems: New magazine article by IUCN's Luc Bas

IUCN’s European Regional Office Director elaborates on the importance of preserving and restoring forest ecosystem services in new online magazine article …  

18 Apr 2016 | Article

First High Level Ministerial Panel on Responding to Climate and Environmental Challenges in South East Europe

Focusing on climate change and environment in SEE

The participants of the first high level ministerial panel on Responding to Climate and Environmental Challenges in South East Europe (SEE) discussed policy responses to climate change and environmental challenges in South-East Europe and reviewed the state of ongoing regional cooperation in this field. …  

15 Apr 2016 | News story


IUCN welcomes 22 new Members

 The IUCN Council has admitted 22 new Members bringing the total membership to 1351 Members, the highest number to date. …   | French | Spanish

15 Apr 2016 | News story

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