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Photo de groupe des participants à l'atelier de l'OBN au Mali

L’Autorité du Bassin du Niger renforce son réseau de collecte de donnés

L’ABN organise, grâce au soutien du « Partenariat pour la gouvernance environnementale en Afrique de l’Ouest – PAGE » de l’UICN-PACO, une tournée dans cinq de ses pays membres, afin de renforcer sa capacité de collecte de données et poursuivre l’opérationnalisation de l’observatoire du bassin. …  

17 Jun 2015 | News story

A new report on synergies between climate mitigation and adaptation in forest landscape restoration.

Synergies between climate mitigation and adaptation in forest landscape restoration.

The two responses to climate change - mitigating emissions and adapting to impacts - are often pursued as separate actions. But some ecosystem-based responses, like forest landscape restoration, can serve as both mitigation and adaptation tools. A new report from IUCN examines where and how restoration can serve mitigation and adaptation goals across the world and in key countries. …  

17 Jun 2015 | International news release

Cooperation agreement between IUCN and EFE

IUCN and EFE set to hold the first environmental journalism forum of Mediterranean press agencies

The two institutions formalize their first cooperation agreement, with the purpose of improving the quality of environmental information in the Mediterranean.  | French | Spanish

17 Jun 2015 | News story


Developing countries progressively adopting and adapting to agricultural biotechnology

In a joint effort, a conference was organized to build and strengthen linkages among R&D/S&T institutions working in the field of agriculture, biotechnology and food security for effective South-South cooperation; and to provide a forum to scientists, researchers, technologists and faculty members to update one another and share the recent developments in the field of agriculture and biotechnology, as well as for knowledge-sharing on the understanding, current status and needs of food and feed security. …  

17 Jun 2015 | News story

Building drought resilience in Uganda and Kenya

From drought-stricken to stewards rising

Over 12 million hectares of productive land are lost each year due to desertification and drought, resulting in a further loss of 20 million tons of grain that could have been grown. Every year the international community marks 17 June as World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought to raise awareness of this global threat.  …  

17 Jun 2015 | News story

Installing demarcation poles around fish conservation area in Kampong Phluk

Fish conservation areas and local support

A mid-term review was recently completed of the EU funded and IUCN and FACT implemented project Strengthening capacity of fishing communities in the Tonle Sap to manage their natural resources sustainably, which has helped establish and test the value of fish conservation areas (FCAs) in the Tonle Sap. …  

17 Jun 2015 | Article
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Comunero entrevistado por medios locales

Segundo Encuentro Regional de Comunidades de los páramos, voces y aprendizajes.

Con una mañana asoleada en los páramos de Imbabura y en la Feria de Productos Artesanales de Zuleta se cerró el Segundo Encuentro Regional de Comunidades de los páramos, un evento organizado por la Oficina Regional para América del Sur de la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (UICN-Sur) que permitió el intercambio de delegaciones de 17 comunidades y organizaciones comunitarias procedentes de las alturas de Colombia, Ecuador y Perú, unidas en la búsqueda de alternativas de manejo sostenible de los páramos andinos.  …  

16 Jun 2015 | News story


On the verge of extinction: A look at endangered species in the Indo-Burma Hotspot

The Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot, which covers Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam, and parts of southern China, is one of the most biologically rich − and highly threatened − places on the globe. …  

16 Jun 2015 | Article

Chantal van Ham

Cities, People, Business and Nature: In Search of Innovative Models of Engagement

Originally submitted by Chantal van Ham for the Nature of Cities blog.

Seek the silent places where no jarring sound is heard
and nothing breaks the stillness but the singing of a bird.
Nature tells her secrets not to those who hurry by,
but to those who walk with quiet heart and seeing eye.
—Chinese proverb


15 Jun 2015 | Article

Discussing how different tools can increase climate change resilience on the ground

MEDCOP 21, Driving a new type of change?

Discussing impacts of climate change on ‪‎Mediterranean‬ countries, as a pre-step before Paris ‪‎COP21‬.
IUCN ROWA was able to showcase how participatory tools can help acheive ‪‎Hima‬ and increased ‪‎climate change‬ resilience in local communities around the region in France during the MEDCOP 21. …  

15 Jun 2015 | Article

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