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Some of the IUCN Members during the IUCN Members’ meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.

IUCN Members in Kenya agree on the roadmap to the World Conservation Congress

IUCN Members in Kenya met in Nairobi on Monday this week to discuss the preparations for the IUCN Regional Conservation Forum and the World Conservation Congress. The meeting was attended by representatives from the IUCN membership, IUCN Commissions and the IUCN Secretariat. …  

05 Jul 2011 | News story
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Waraweva launch

Official launch of restoration of a village tank in Wilpotha, Sri Lanka

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in Sri Lanka (HSBC) and IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Sri Lanka Office entered into a partnership on 14 February, 2011 to restore the “Warawewa tank” for the development of livelihoods and ecosystems of Wilpotha in the Puttalam District. 

05 Jul 2011 | News story
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ADFIP members and partners in Tuvalu, June 2011.

Pacific financing institutions agree to take on energy efficiency loan scheme

Members of the Association of Development Financing Institutions in the Pacific (ADFIP) have unanimously agreed to take on board energy efficiency and solar photovoltaic loan schemes in their regional portfolio, following recommendations from IUCN Oceania. …  

05 Jul 2011 | News story

David Without Borders (David Sans Frontiers) is a multi-media quest to discover initiatives that preserve biodiversity

Check out the 9th and 10th episodes: Viet Nam and Argentina

CEC member David Aimé is travelling around the world with David Fabrega to meet with local biodiversity heroes. While using interactive technologies, they produce micro-documentaries and photo stories. …  

05 Jul 2011 | News story

The BusyTrees campaign is making more people aware of what agroforestry is – a technique for mixing trees with crops and livestock to provide a range of benefits for farmers, the environment and wildlife.

A simple solution to combat climate change and forest loss

The BusyTrees campaign makes people aware of how agroforestry can be used to combat climate change, fight poverty and protect natural forests and biodiversity. A project of the World Agroforestry Centre. …  

05 Jul 2011 | News story

A course for environmental professionals

English Language for Environmentalists

Environmental professionals are invited to a specialised course at Juniper Hall Field Studies Centre in Surrey, England, from 25 to 29 July 2011. …  

05 Jul 2011 | News story


Green Failure: What’s Wrong With Environmental Education?

Marine conservationist Charles Saylan says educators need to go beyond rhetoric and make environmental values a central part of a public education. A recommended read from CEC Chair Keith Wheeler.

05 Jul 2011 | News story

CEC member Dieter Gross has published his ESD study in this journal

Study on ESD published in Global Environmental Research

To what extent will UNESCO's goals be realized at the end the ESD Decade? A study from a German-Japanese NGO project.

05 Jul 2011 | News story


Absa Kirkwood Wildlife Festival July 2011

The Absa Kirkwood Wildlife Conference and Festival in South Africa promotes wildlife conservation and attracts tens of thousands of visitors. …  

05 Jul 2011 | News story

Mali, West Africa

Promoting CEPA for National Biodiversity Strategies: Dakar

Khadire Diop, CEC National Activitator for Senegal and the Gambia, facilitated two 90-minute CEPA sessions during CBD West Africa workshops in May and June. …  

05 Jul 2011 | News story

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