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Tail fin of Western Gray Whale

IWC greatly concerned about Russian oil exploration impacts on Western Gray Whales

At the International Whaling Commission (IWC) annual meeting in Agadir, Morocco, scientists warned that a seismic survey planned off Sakhalin Island by the Russian petroleum company Rosneft could seriously threaten the critically endangered Western Gray Whale population. 

25 Jun 2010 | News story

Honorable Essola Etoa Louis Roger en réunion

Réunion d’échange et de validation des résolutions du 3e Forum National sur les Forêts du Cameroun

La salle de réunion du Programme Cameroun de l’UICN a abrité le lundi, 21 juin 2010, les travaux de la réunion d’échange et de validation des résolutions du 3e Forum National sur les Forêts du Cameroun qui s’est tenu à Yaoundé du 29 au 31 Mars 2010 sous le thème : « 15 ans de réforme forestière : Bilan, évolution et perspectives ».  

25 Jun 2010 | News story
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The Biosphere Economy

Welcome to the biosphere economy

 The ‘Biosphere Economy’ promises to herald a process of change as profound as the Industrial Revolution where the economy will be linked to biodiversity to yield sustainable solutions. …  

25 Jun 2010 | Article

Using Cement to strengthen conservation - Clouds

Using Cement to Strengthen Conservation

 The Wildlife Conservation Society in Nigeria and UniCem, one of the country’s leading cement manufacturers, are working together to protect Cross River National Park, a renowned biodiversity hotspot and Nigeria’s most important protected area. …  

25 Jun 2010 | Article

Stepping up to the european biodiversity challenge

Stepping up to the European biodiversity challenge

The IUCN Regional Office for Pan Europe (RofE) is using the momentum gained through the International Year of Biodiversity to emphasize the importance of integrating business into a post-2010 regime. …  

25 Jun 2010 | Article

RSB image

Responsible biofuels and beyond

During the recent Convention on Biological Diversity meetings in Nairobi, IUCN and WWF convened an event on how to safeguard biodiversity in the face of rapidly expanding biofuel markets.  …  

25 Jun 2010 | Article


Red Social Ecobook de UICN ya está en línea

La iniciativa Pacto por la Vida, auspiciada por UICN, puso en línea la plataforma social Ecobook,  

24 Jun 2010 | News story

Building Biodiversity Business

Forum CSR International - The business case for biodiversity

The business case for biodiversity has never been stronger. And with good reason, given that all recent assessments paint the same dismal picture of a planet in the throes of the ‘Sixth Great Extinction’. Current rates of biodiversity loss are unparalleled in human history. …  

24 Jun 2010 | News story

Gerard Bos

People: Gerard Bos

 In the last four years, Holcim and IUCN have worked together to build a better understanding of biodiversity in the building materials sector. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new IUCN Conservation Centre, we interview Gerard Bos – the IUCN relationship manager at Holcim – about Holcim’s participation in this project and the relationship with IUCN as a whole. …  

24 Jun 2010 | Article

Business engagement for biodiversity in Japan

Business engagement for biodiversity in Japan

 To show their support for biodiversity conservation, Japanese businesses and government agencies have announced a new multi-stakeholder initiative. The”Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership” aims to scale-up and broaden private sector engagement towards the CBD COP10 in Nagoya, Japan. …  

24 Jun 2010 | News story

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