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Environmental Law conference in Tucumán

Poder Judicial de Tucumán

Tucumán, sede de la I Jornada Tucumana Internacional de Derecho Ambiental.
Durante los días 18 y 19 de junio Tucumán ha sido sede de la I Jornada Tucumana Internacional de Derecho Ambiental. Estas se realizaron con el objetivo de analizar el rol que el Derecho cumple en la protección del ambiente, e instalar en los poderes judiciales la reflexión y el debate sobre la crisis ambiental y la responsabilidad de los jueces ante los planteos jurisdiccionales que se generan. …  

26 Jun 2009 | News story

A child plaiting palm leaves in Samoa

Living the Island Life, in D.C.

IUCN is delighted to announce the appointment of Kate Brown as the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) Coordinator, who will be based out of the U.S. office in Washington, D.C.  …  

26 Jun 2009 | News story

IUCN logo

Call for Nominations for IUCN Regional Councillor for Oceania

Mr Lionel Gibson, elected by the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona in October 2008 as IUCN Regional Councillor for Oceania, has resigned from the IUCN Council due to his current work commitments. …  

26 Jun 2009 | News story

The Wadden Sea became the 200 natural site on the World Heritage List.

Two new natural wonders on World Heritage List

The Wadden Sea, on the coast of Germany and the Netherlands, and the Dolomites mountains in Northern Italy have been inscribed on the World Heritage List, following IUCN’s recommendations. …  

26 Jun 2009 | International news release

Porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus). Global Red List Assessment: Vulnerable; Sub-population Red List assessment for the Northeast Atlantic: Critically Endangered

Third of open ocean sharks threatened with extinction

The first study to determine the global conservation status of 64 species of open ocean (pelagic) sharks and rays reveals that 32 percent are threatened with extinction, primarily due to overfishing, according to the IUCN Shark Specialist Group. …   | French | Spanish

25 Jun 2009 | International news release

Pedro Rosabal, Oficial Senior de Áreas Protegidas, UICN.

Novedades de la Reunión de Comité de Patrimonio Mundial

Entrevista a Pedro Rosabal, Oficial Senior de Áreas Protegidas de la UICN, quien explica cómo afecta la crisis económica mundial a las áreas protegidas y comenta sobre los temas que se tratan en la Reunión del Comité de Patrimonio Mundial, Sevilla, 2009. …  

25 Jun 2009 | Video

Allen Putney, Comisión Mundial de Áreas Protegidas, UICN.

La Convención de Patrimonio Mundial necesita un cambio

Entrevista a Allen Putney, Vicepresidente de Patrimonio Mundial de Comisión Mundial de Áreas Protegidas de la UICN, quien reflexiona sobre la efectividad la Convención de Patrimonio Mundial y sugiere fortalecer la efectividad de manejo de los sitios de importancia mundial que ya existen, más que en la nominación de nuevos. …  

25 Jun 2009 | Video

At the Training Centre of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The IUCN Environmental Law Programme and the South Caucasus Office team up to train national experts in European environmental law

From 10-24 June 2009, the IUCN Environmental Law Programme and the Programme Office for the Southern Caucasus, in collaboration with Adelphi Research, kicked off a first round of training courses focusing on nature conservation and natural resources management under the InWEnt programme “Regional Environmental Policy in the South Caucasus”. The objective of this series of training courses is to contribute to the region's in the further development of nature conservation policies and legislation in order to support approximation to the Aquis Communautaire. …  

25 Jun 2009 | News story

Fiji - coat of arms

IUCN Welcomes Fiji as New State Member

The Government of Fiji has officially announced its decision to join IUCN by adhering to the IUCN Statutes. The Department of Environment has been designated by the Government of Fiji as its liaison with the IUCN Secretariat. …  

25 Jun 2009 | News story

Galápagos, Ecuador

Trece sitios de patrimonio mundial permanecerán en la Lista en Peligro

Trece Sitios de Patrimonio Mundial, que incluyen a las Islas Galápagos, continuarán en la Lista de Patrimonio Mundial en Peligro, por recomendación de la UICN. …  

25 Jun 2009 | News story
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