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ARKive reports on the IUCN study confirming a vertebrate extinction crisis

ARKive Reports on IUCN Study

With photos and video, ARKive reports on the IUCN study confirming a vertebrate extinction crisis. …  

27 Oct 2010 | News story

Logo of the International Year of Biodiversity

Reflections on Biodiversity Post-2010 Conference

CEC member Tina Trampuš reports on the conference 'Biodiversity post-2010: Biodiversity in a changing world' held 9 September in Ghent, Belgium. Tina showcased several success stories from Europe in her presentation 'Changing Consumer Behavior'. …  

27 Oct 2010 | News story

Lessons learned report presentation at IUCN POSC

Lessons learned: How Stakeholders participate in managing Protected Areas

October 22, 2010. The IUCN Programme Office for the Southern Caucasus hosted a Lessons learned workshop on facilitating stakeholders’ participation in Protected Areas management in Georgia.  

27 Oct 2010 | Article
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A fine example of the traditional Satoyama landscape - Kaisho-no-mori Forest, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Preserving nature while feeding a growing world

Agriculture is the principal land use on the planet, and it depends on managing nature to produce food. Today saw experts from the field get together in Nagoya to look at how farmers can be assured the best help in developing strategies to protect biodiversity and their livelihoods.   …  

27 Oct 2010 | News story

EUROPARC Federation



27 Oct 2010 | News story

Community members planting a medicinal plant, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

We know how to save biodiversity

According to the latest assessment of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ released today at the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) conference in Nagoya, one-fifth of the world’s mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fishes are threatened with extinction. But the study also provides clear evidence of the positive impact of conservation efforts around the globe: its results show that without conservation action, the status of biodiversity would have declined by nearly 20 percent. …  

27 Oct 2010 | News story

IUCN China Work Group 1st Meeting (Sep 2010)

China IUCN Work Group

  …   | Chinese

27 Oct 2010 | News story

Le Ministre de l'environnement de la Guinée Bissau, CBD COP 10 Nagoya, Japon

24% du territoire de La Guinée Bissau érigés en aires protégées d’ici 2012.

La Guinée Bissau vient de prendre l’engagement de porter le taux de couverture de ses aires protégées actuellement de 15% à 24% d’ici deux ans. - Nagoya – Japon 25 octobre …  

27 Oct 2010 | News story

White rhino

‘Fingers crossed’ for threatened species

Every day biodiversity is being lost at up to 1,000 times the natural rate: almost 19 thousand species out of 52 thousand assessed so far are threatened with extinction and the results of the latest assessment of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ released today show that, on average, 50 species of mammal, bird and amphibian move closer to extinction each year due to the impacts of agricultural expansion, logging, over-exploitation and invasive alien species. …  

27 Oct 2010 | News story

A marine turtle in the Red Sea, Egypt

Where are we heading?

As the momentum is building at the UN biodiversity summit in Nagoya with only three days till the negotiations come to an end, we asked Simon Stuart, Chair of IUCN’s Species Survival Commission, for an update on the developments so far and his expectations of what lies ahead. Here is what he told us: …  

27 Oct 2010 | News story

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