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A sacred pond within Xe Champhone wetlands where turtles are protected by local people.

Celebrating the wealth of wetlands

Every year, 2 February marks World Wetlands Day, commemorating the 1971 signing of the Ramsar Convention – an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands. This year’s theme is ‘Wetlands for our Future’, aiming to raise awareness among younger generations, and for all to reflect on the health and unique value of wetlands. …  

02 Feb 2015 | Article

Post-workshop visit to Katavi National Park, Mpanda, Tanzania

Integrated Planning Inception Workshop in Mpanda, Tanzania

On January 21-22, the IUCN Environmental Law Centre, together with the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO), and Tanzania country office, held a workshop in Mpanda District, Tanzania, to consult with stakeholders and launch a project on integrated planning in the Lake Tanganyika Basin. …  

30 Jan 2015 | News story

Participants of the Blue Solutions MPA Governance training, Bali, September 2014

MPA governance solutions for and from Indonesia

“Learning from proven success in marine and coastal resource management” is a core objective of the Blue Solutions Initiative. To enable such learning, the Initiative is developing and trialling approaches for integrating “solutions” into marine management training formats. IUCN, one of the Blue Solutions implementing partners, co-convened, together with the Indonesian Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and the Coral Triangle Centre, a training workshop on marine protected area (MPA) governance in Bali, Indonesia, in September 2014. The workshop built on the recent success stories in coastal and marine resource management from across many of Indonesia’s 7,000 islands.   …  

30 Jan 2015 | Article

Forest in Germany

Failing to protect nature's capital could cost businesses trillions

This OpEd piece by IUCN Director General Inger Andersen originally appeared on Guardian Sustainable Business 

29 Jan 2015 | Article

Participants at the launch workshop

Water pollution in Ha Long Bay: the challenge

Every day, 5,500 tourists on average take cruises through the spectacular landscape of Ha Long Bay. Rising from the sparkling green waters, steep, densely forested karst hills never fail to impress. These days, however, the waters aren’t so sparkling and visitors are becoming less inclined to revisit an area plagued by pollution. In response, IUCN and Marine Conservation and Development (MCD), a local NGO and IUCN member, have established the Ha Long-Cat Ba Alliance (HLCBA), a partnership of government, business, and grassroots organizations. Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Alliance supports multi-stakeholder initiatives and innovative governance arrangements to improve water quality in Ha Long and Cat Ba.   …   | Vietnamese

29 Jan 2015 | Article
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“魅力寻乌,活力东江” — 东江源寻乌水生态保护项目启动

中国广州,2015年1月22日,世界自然保护联盟(IUCN)中国代表处携手中国达能饮料、寻乌县政府和香港地球之友共同启动“魅力寻乌、活力东江”东江源寻乌水生态保护项目。 …  

29 Jan 2015 | News story

Foro Gobernanza,Sistemas de Verificación de la Legalidad y Competitividad del Sector Forestal en América Latina, 2014

¿Qué sucedió en el Foro Latinoamericano de Gobernanza Forestal?

Descargue el documento de síntesis del Foro Gobernanza, Sistemas de Verificación de la Legalidad y Competitividad del Sector Forestal en América Latina, que se llevó a cabo en Quito, Ecuador, del 30 de septiembre al 3 de octubre de 2014. …  

28 Jan 2015 | News story

Reserva Hidrológica Cariguana, Panamá.

Iniquilipi Gracilio Chiari Lombardo, ganador de Concurso de Fotografía UICN-ORMACC 2014: "El valor de las áreas protegidas es invaluable e incalculable"

Iniquilipi Gracilio Chiari Lombardo, de Panamá, fue electo como ganador del Concurso de Fotografía UICN-ORMACC 2014, el cual se efectuó en el marco del Congreso Mundial de Parques. El objetivo fue que aquellos amantes de la fotografía enviaran sus mejores imágenes tomadas en cualquier parque nacional o área protegida de México, América Central o el Caribe. La convocatoria del concurso se hizo a través de nuestro Facebook y por medio del boletín PILARES.   …  

27 Jan 2015 | Article

Saola rangers training

Twenty-four more Saola rangers graduate from Wildlife Enforcement Training Course

Protecting species and enforcing the law in countries where the capacity of government agencies is often limited, means that funding to assist local government to respond to this capacity need is critical. That’s the upshot of a recent update from Laos PDR on Saola ranger training by Alex McWilliam, SOS Grantee working with IUCN Member Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) operating in the Phou Sithone Endangered Species Conservation Area (PST ESCA).  …  

27 Jan 2015 | News story

Tony O'Keeffe, BIOPAMA Coordinator for the Pacific, speaking at the BIOPAMA Capacity Development session, IUCN WPC 2014

Ensuring a promising future for the Pacific

The IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 was held in the Oceania region, offering the most optimum opportunity for BIOPAMA (Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Programme) Pacific to invest in showcasing this programme to regional and global actors. Looking back at the successes for the Pacific of this once-in-a-decade event, Tony O’Keeffe, BIOPAMA Coordinator for the Pacific, shares his thoughts on the opportunities to ensure a promising future for the region and the innovative means to voice the Pacific messages to the world. …  

27 Jan 2015 | Article

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