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The Lagoons of New Caledonia, France

Maritime momentum

The world is awash with conventions and agreements that are supposed to conserve our oceans but none are achieving the right results—reversing the multiple threats that are ruining the health of our marine environment. …  

21 Jun 2009 | News story

Séance d‘observation des oiseaux à Randa

La semaine des oiseaux migrateurs au Burundi

En marge de la journée mondiale des oiseaux migrateurs célébrée le 10 mai 2009 sur le thème « les obstacles à la migration », une semaine des oiseaux migrateurs a été organisée au Burundi du 5 au 10 mai 2009. …  

19 Jun 2009 | News story

ICLEI meeting

IUCN contributes to local sustainability movement with ICLEI

From 14 to 18 June 2009, George Greene and Sebastian Winkler from IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) joined the triennial World Congress of ICLEI, the largest global association of local governments working on sustainability. The event was hosted by the City of Edmonton (Canada). 500 participants joined the conversation on advancing sustainability in cities and towns.  

19 Jun 2009 | News story

Foro radial Compras Responsables de Madera, Ecuador

Se debate el mecanismo de Compras Responsables de Madera a través de un foro radial nacional

Los procesos de  compras responsables significan  decir basta a la Tala Ilegal, al comercio informal y a la deforestación.  

19 Jun 2009 | News story
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réunion avec les tradipratriciens de Matongo et de Muruta.

Encourager les tradipraticiens dans la domestication des plantes médicinales au Burundi

Dans le cadre du Projet « Contribution à la conservation de la biodiversité du Parc National de la Kibira par l’implication effective des parties prenantes riveraines », …  

19 Jun 2009 | News story

Vue des participants à l’atelier

Cameroon Environmental Watch (CEW)

Une contribution continue au processus de réforme de la législation faunique au Cameroun au cours de l’année 2009 …  

19 Jun 2009 | News story

IUCN Director General, Julia Marton-Lefevre at the University of the South Pacific, Fiji

"Invest in Nature Now !" - Director General Launches Public Lecture Series

We need to adopt an alternative paradigm in which Investment in Natural Capital is central” That was the message IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefѐvre gave in her address to launch the IUCN-USP Public lecture series, held at the University of the South Pacific’s Faculty of Business and Economics lecture theatre, in Laucala on June 10th. …  

19 Jun 2009 | News story

Director General at the Regional Office for Oceania

Director General - Julia, on the move in Oceania

Invest in Nature” was the message from IUCN Director General, Julia Marton-Lefѐvre, as she swept through the Oceania region meeting IUCN members, partners and donors. …  

19 Jun 2009 | News story

“Protecting Marine Biodiversity beyond National Jurisdiction

Financing the Future

Washington D.C. played host to the eighth annual Capitol Hill Oceans Week earlier this month - following the International Marine Conservation Congress just weeks before.  …  

18 Jun 2009 | News story
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Lagodekhi Nature Reserve, Georgia

IUCN continues to support regional cooperation for biodiversity conservation in the Caucasus

The IUCN Programme Office for the Southern Caucasus continues to support the Caucasus Biodiversity Council (CBC) during the implementation and further development of the Ecoregional Conservation Plan for the Caucasus. …  

18 Jun 2009 | News story
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