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Green Construction for Sustainable Living

Green Construction for Sustainable Living

 Watch the entire Sustainability Dialogue. …  

09 Oct 2008 | Video

Geoffrey Howard from IUCN’s Global Invasive Species Programme

Balancing biofuels and biodiversity

The viability of biofuels in today’s market was debated at the World Conservation Congress today, with the launch of new biofuels scorecards by IUCN, WWF, the World Bank and The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels. …  

09 Oct 2008 | News story

Sanit Aksornkoae, Thailand Environment Institute, Thailand.

Mangroves: the best protection against extreme weather on coasts

Extreme weather such as the terrible Tsunami of 2004 is becoming more frequent due to climate change. As many coastal communities in Asia know only too well, mangroves are often our best line of defence. …  

09 Oct 2008 | News story

Using technology to confront polluters in China

Environmentalists in China have compiled a database that serves as a tool to pressure polluters into changing their ways. …  

09 Oct 2008 | Video

What is the value of nature? A report offers an answer

A joint German/European Commission study released today offers economic tools to assess the value of nature in order to better protect it. …  

09 Oct 2008 | Video

Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature

Largest environmental meeting sends wake-up call to the world

It’s time to wake up and take action to protect the planet’s natural wealth, that’s the message of the first part of IUCN’s World Conservation Congress. …   | Spanish

09 Oct 2008 | International news release

Céleo Alvarez

Pacto por la Vida convoca a la integración

En una presentación llena de emotividad y esperanza, el “Pacto por la vida” se presentó en búsqueda de generar mayor conocimiento sobre el esfuerzo y obtener compromiso e integración. …  

09 Oct 2008 | News story

Wild garlic

Go Wild!

More than 400,000 tonnes of medicinal and aromatic plants are traded annually, with around 80 percent of species harvested from the wild. Almost 3,000 species are traded, many of them over-exploited and in danger of extinction through over-collection and habitat loss. …  

09 Oct 2008 | News story

Masoumeh Ebtekar (Vicepresidenta Medio Ambiente de Iran)

Spiritual conservation

The forum’s last sustainabilty dialoge explored how religious and spiritual traditions support conservation. …  

09 Oct 2008 | News story

Powerful people on a quest for environmental solutions

The powerful on a quest for environmental solutions

Prince Turki Bin Nasser, President of Meteorology and the Environment of Saudi Arabia hosted a three-hour infomal get together of decision-makers, leading environmentalists and philatropists. …  

09 Oct 2008 | Video

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