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Safeguarding the diversity of life: life in the slipknot

Safeguarding the diversity of life: life in the slipknot

Biodiversity is the sum of every living thing around us. It is us. By letting it die we are killing ourselves. Habitat destruction and invasive alien species are considered undesirable side effects of development. That will no longer do. They are unacceptable side effects and they must stop. …  

03 Oct 2008 | Video

Healthy environments - healthy people: blood and potatoes

Healthy environments - healthy people: blood and potatoes

Human health and biodiversity; the two are fundamentally inseparable. The food we eat, the multitude of pills we swallow for anything from the common cold to cancer all stem from living matter, the sum of which makes up biodiversity. Even oil and gas are nothing more than ancient biodiversity. …  

03 Oct 2008 | Video

Healthy environments - healthy people: buy yo´ diversity

Healthy environments - healthy people: buy yo´ diversity

Biodiversity is not obscure. Once understood, neither is its importance to human health. We are a part of biodiversity, and in all humility, one might be tempted to say an insignificant part thereof. But clearly that would be a lie. One glance around is enough to confirm the impact humanity is having upon the diversity of life. It is dwindling at our hand and before our very eyes. Yet those eyes at times refuse to see, or when they do, too often turn away. …  

03 Oct 2008 | Video

Hotel Guidelines

How to help your hotel help Nature

From cotton towels and sheets in guest rooms, to food in the restaurant and wood used for furniture and fittings – the products of biodiversity are everywhere inside hotels. Outside, plants and animals make a hotel’s public spaces and gardens attractive for guests, while beyond the hotel gates, parks, green spaces, coasts and natural habitats provide guests with opportunities for recreation and enjoyment. …  

02 Oct 2008 | News story


Countries around the world have set aside more than 12% of the earth’s land surface as protected areas - a remarkable achievement. Even more remarkable are the efforts of individuals who have worked tirelessly to promote and protect these unique areas, often at great personal risk and danger. IUCN honors such people through the Fred Packard Award – a key award made by IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) to recognize globally outstanding service to protected areas. The following seven outstanding individuals will be recognized at the WCPA Members meeting on 4 October, held prior to the IUCN World Conservation Congress: …  

02 Oct 2008 | International news release

King Talal Dam - Jordan

Understanding the linkages between energy, ecosystems and livelihoods - draft paper available for comment

How do energy, ecosystems and livelihoods inter-link? Is it all about managing impacts or are there ways to conserve ecosystems and provide greater access to sustainable energy and accomanying livelihood benefits? This background paper explores some of the issues in the workshop #1508, the final station of the Energy Journey. …  

01 Oct 2008 | News story

Women pressing palm oil, Ghana

Biofuels - Q&A available now for Congress!

Biofuels are one of the hottest topics at the 4th World Conservation Congress. 6 workshops, knowledge cafés and Pavilion events will address biofuels. Biofuels will also be discussed during the Members Business Assembly with two motions under consideration. 

01 Oct 2008 | News story


More than 30 events at WCC will address issues of responsibility

Responsibility – in terms of environmental, social and governance issues – is usually associated with large, multinational corporations. However, the spotlight is increasingly turning onto the private sector more broadly, as well as more recently onto civil society organizations.  

01 Oct 2008 | News story

When properly managed, Viet Nam’s farmlands, like the one pictured above, contain rich biodiversity.

IUCN Công bố Sách về Đa dạng Sinh học trên đất canh tác

IUCN Việt Nam đã công bố hai ấn phẩm vào hôm Thứ Sáu, ngày 26/9/2008 mô tả hiện trạng đất canh tác và khuyến nghị những chiến lược nhằm đảm bảo đa dạng sinh học trên các diện tích đất nông nghiệp của Việt Nam. …  

30 Sep 2008 | News story

Jadran Sailing to Barcelona,  the World Conservation Congress

Jadran – halfway to Barcelona

On the sixth day of its thrilling journey, sailing ship Jadran has reached Cagliari, Sardinia, halfway check point towards the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona. …  

30 Sep 2008 | International news release

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