Value of Wood Forum, March 21 2017

Recognising the value of wood: IUCN contributes to the debate

On 21 March 2017, in celebration of International Day of Forests, IUCN Europe participated in “The Value of Wood Forum”. Organised my REVOLVE Media and hosted by Paul Brannen, Member of the European Parliament Socialists & Democrats Group (S&D), at the Residence Palace in Brussels, Belgium, the event brought together policy-makers and stakeholders to discuss the diverse benefits of utilising wood and its place in the energy market.

International Day of Forests

Resolve to plant more trees and need to develop mechanisms for reduction in waste of water and recycling in FATA

The Water Governance in FATA (Environment Cell) Project in collaboration with IUCN Pakistan and the Planning & Development Department, FATA celebrated the International Day of Forests on March 21 and the World Water Day on March 22 at the FATA Secretariat. Both days were celebrated through interactive sessions with the relevant stakeholders as per this year’s themes of the days.  The celebration events were structured so as to create maximum awareness about the thematic topics and motivate them for taking appropriate actions at the institutional and the individual levels. A large number of participants from line departments of FATA attended the sessions.


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