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Kenton Miller Award: Innovation

Ashiq Ahmad Khan, winner of the Kenton Miller Award 2016. From left to right: Kathy MacKinnon, Ashiq Ahmad Khan, Natasha Miller, Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, and Julia Miranda Photo: IUCN/Valerie Batselaere

Honouring innovation in protected area management

Named for Dr. Kenton R. Miller, one of the leading figures in international protected area conservation, the award honors innovation in protected area management. The award is intended to be given biannually at a major conservation event.  The awardees receive a grant of US$ 5000 and a certificate. Nominations are called by the Chair of WCPA. 

Criteria for selection

  • Ideally, nominees are employed by an organization that is involved with protected area management, associated education or research. The organization can be public, private, NGO or community-based;
  • Their innovation will fall within one or any combination of the following categories:
    • Planning and management
    • Assessment, monitoring and evaluation
    • Learning and capacity-building
    • Economics and financing
    • Governance
    • Communication
  • The impact of his/her innovation can be demonstrated and will have been recognized and endorsed by peers at the local, national, and/or international level;
  • The Award will give preference to candidates that have not have been previously recognized internationally for their innovation;
  • The Award will not cover recognition for life-time service to protected areas or for bravery in their defense (as these merits are intended to be recognized by the IUCN/WCPA Packard Award).

Selection Pocess:

  • Nominations are called by WCPA Chair every 2 years in January/February and prior to key global and regional IUCN and or WCPA meetings.
  • Nominations are invited from WCPA Members and others involved with protected areas.
  • The Award, its purpose and associated eligibility criteria is be announced in the WCPA newsletter and website, the IUCN Bulletin, and via  cooperating conservation organizations
  • The nomination must address the criteria and must include a draft citation of no more than 250 words.
  • The WCPA Chair will establish a Selection Committee to examine the nominations all then identify the top three candidates.  The Selection Committee will be jointly established by the Chair, WCPA and the Director of GPAP.  The Committee will be comprised of at least include 3 representatives from IUCN-WCPA, the Global Protected Areas Program and /or other Conservation Agencies. 
  • An independent Award Jury, consisting of three world-recognized conservation leaders will be established the WCPA Chair to analyze the three finalists, and select the winner.
  • All Selection Committee members and Jury members will act independently and withdraw from the process if there is any real or perceived conflict of interest.

Venue for presentation

The award will normally be awarded at the WCPA Full Members Meeting at the IUCN World Conservation Congress.  However it may also awarded at the World Parks Congress, WCPA Regional or other meetings, at the discretion of the WCPA Chair.

Kenton Miller Awardees at the World Parks Congress in Sydney, 2014

Photo: Kenton Miller Awardees at the World Parks Congress in Sydney, 2014

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