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    MOOC en Gestion des Aires Protégées et le Suivi Ecologique en Afrique


    Découvrez nos Formations en Ligne Ouvertes à Tous sur la Gestion des Aires Protégées, et sur le Suivi Ecologique (nouveau!).

  • CBD COP13, Cancun, Mexico

    UN Biodiversity Conference 2016: Compromise with a pinch of salt


    With less than four years remaining to implement the biodiversity plan agreed by world governments in 2010, IUCN calls for continued efforts to achieve the Aichi biodiversity conservation targets, as the UN biodiversity conference closes in Cancún, Mexico....

  • IUCN Green List makes Mexican waves


    The thirteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, held in Cancun, Mexico, saw a significant commitment to protected and conserved areas – in quantity and quality – the latter an important part of ...

Last updated - Sun, 22 Jan 2017
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