Only 3% of the earth’s water is freshwater; about two-thirds of it is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps and we have long over-stretched this precious resource.



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    World Water Week 2017: Focus on Wastewater

    Over 80% of global wastewater is released untreated back into nature. This year’s Stockholm World Water Week focuses on the impact of wastewater on human health, the economy, and the environment - and what opportunities and solutions are available. 


    Click the link for a full overview of IUCN events at World Water Week.




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    Water Infrastructure Solutions for the Tana Basin

    WISE-UP to Climate, or 'Water Infrastructure Solutions from Ecosystem Services underpinning Climate Resilient Polies and Programmes', is a 4-year multidisciplinary research project that aims to demonstrate the application of natural infrastructure as a nature-based solution for climate change adaptation and sustainable development in the Volta and Tana River Basins. 

    This Shorthand focuses on the work in the Tana Basin in Kenya.

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    New video: learning and dialogue, key steps to building water cooperation across borders

    A new video, produced by the IUCN BRIDGE team, aims to give an insight into the learning and dialogue that takes place during BRIDGE workshops. Entitled ‘BRIDGE: How to build water cooperation across borders’ is now available on YouTube.

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  • Several rows of plants growing from gravel in segmented quadrants

    Recycling water on Manora Island


    Once a small fishing village with clear seawater, serene beaches, creeks and islands covered with lush green mangroves, Karachi has now been transformed into a hub supporting almost 70% of Pakistan's industry and external trade.

  • siwi_world_water_week

    Waste not, want not - Wastewater focus of World Water Week


    Every year World Water Week draws the global spotlight onto the world’s water challenges and opportunities. This year, the focus is on wastewater. Over 80% of global wastewater is released untreated back into nature, causing detrimental impacts on water...

  • A group of young men and women, surrounded by trees, hold up a white sign with blue and red writing

    Indigenous youth group in Cambodia empowers community to stand up for their rights


    Every day in the early hours of 2 AM, Srean Chheurn carries his nets, traps and poles to the nearby Sre Pok river to fish. Later in the day, he goes to the forest to collect flowers, mushrooms and cherries and hunt wild animals such as wild pigs and...

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