Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
Title: Public awareness and education for marine ecosystems: posters
Author: IUCN_ Hanoi
Title: Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2004 [Ecxecutive Summary]
Author: C. Wilkinson
Date: 2002
Subsection IUCN Regional Marine Programme
Title: The IUCN Regional Marine Programme, Asia
Author: IUCN
Date: March 2002
Title: People and the Sea: Experiences and Partnerships in ICZM Development in South Asia
Author: Dr. Vidhisha N. Samarasekara- Coordinator Regional Marine Programme
Date: October 2002
Marine Protected Areas
Title: Hon Mun Marine Protected Area Brochure
Author: MOF project document- Hanoi
Date: 2000
Marine Turtle Conservation
Title: Conservation Status Report on Marine Turtles and their Habitat in Viet Nam
Author: Ministry of Fisheries
Date: 2002/2003
Title: Marine Turtle Conservation Action Plan to 2010
Author: Ministry of Fisheries
Date: 2002
Title: National Workshop on Turtle Conservation
Author: IUCN and The Ministry of Fisheries
Date: 2001
Title: Training Workshop on Marine Turtle Research and Conservation in Viet Nam
Author: IUCN-Hanoi
Date: 2001