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Dr Mark Smith, Head of the IUCN Water Programme, at the World Water Forum in Istanbul.

One voice for water needed at Copenhagen

As the World Water Forum draws to a close, Dr Mark Smith, Head of IUCN's Water Programme, discusses what the forum has achieved at a political level as well as technical level. He calls on the water sector to pull together to have one voice at the United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen this December, so it is not overlooked in the discussions. …  

21 Mar 2009 | Audio

Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN Director General

Water and climate change

IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre explains how water fits into the climate change debate and describes the messages coming out of the World Water Forum, ahead of the climate change conference in Copenhagen this December. …  

20 Mar 2009 | Audio

Dr William Darwall

Why should we care about freshwater species?

As IUCN launches a report on the status and distribution of freshwater species in southern Africa, co-author Dr William Darwall explains the importance of fish, dragonflies and clams to humans. He speaks of his hope that developers will use the information in the report to make sure their projects, such as dams, minimize the impact on these precious species. …  

19 Mar 2009 | Audio

Anada Tiéga, Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention

Rivers of fire

Much of the discussion at the World Water Forum has centred on man-made infrastructure, such as dams and hydro-electric plants. Anada Tiéga, Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, discusses what happens to our water resources when we don't look after the natural infrastructure. …  

19 Mar 2009 | Audio

Ganesh Pangare

Practical benefits of sharing rivers explained

Ganesh Pangare, Coordinator of IUCN's Regional Water and Wetlands Programme in Asia, explains what the recent IUCN publication Share is all about and highlights some practical examples of how sharing river basins properly can lead to economic prosperity and peace. …  

18 Mar 2009 | Audio

Nadine McCormick

Energy and Water

Troubled waters lie ahead unless the multiple demands placed on water are recognised and valued – this includes the increasing water needs of the energy sector as well as ecological demands that are needed to maintain the overall sustainability of the water system.       …  

17 Mar 2009 | Audio

Alejandro Iza

IUCN's "Rule" explained

Increased pressure on water means better laws, regulations and policies must be put in place if we are to sustain this precious says IUCN's latest publication, Rule: Reforming Water Governance.

17 Mar 2009 | Audio

Niger Delta

Water and lives: images, not words

IUCN's presence at the World Water Forum starting in Istanbul next Monday will be a loud one. The world's largest environmental union will launch its latest reports on sharing water resources, reforming water governance, and a study on freshwater species in South Africa.   …  

13 Mar 2009 | Video

WANI Nigeria - Video

Water and Nature Initiative Nigeria

This films shows how the Water and Nature Initiative empowers communities to manage water in the Yobe River Basin in Nigeria. …  

10 Mar 2009 | Video

Mark Smith

IUCN at the World Water Forum

Mark Smith, Head of IUCN's Water Programme talks about the burning need to manage water resources across national boundaries. …  

02 Mar 2009 | Video