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Watering a school vegetable garden on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. IUCN and partners are promoting water education so that future generations can benefit from development based on sustainable and equitable use of water.

Water and Nature photo gallery

IUCN’s Water and Nature Initiative is set to improve water management for healthy rivers and healthy communities. …  

27 Feb 2009 | Photos

I am Water

I am water

In less than a month the international community will gather in Istanbul for the world's largest water event. Water is at the heart of everything: a water crisis means an economy crisis, a climate change crisis and a food crisis. All of which are already happening. …  

26 Feb 2009 | Video


Listen to the water experts

Mark Smith, Head of IUCN's Water Programme, gives the latest on water issues in light of the World Water Forum being held in Istanbul, Turkey, from March 16 to 22. …  

16 Feb 2009 | Audio

Illegal irrigation in the Zarqa River, Jordan

All we need is water

Extreme water scarcity is not the only problem Jordan is currently facing. Combined with poor water management though, it might be the worst. When both water quantity and quality are inadequate, health and environmental hazards can reach alarming levels. …  

03 Dec 2008 | Video