Interim Independent Scientists Group Meeting

In light of the time needed for adequate consultation around the design of the longer-term Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel and the impending 2006 construction season, IUCN has agreed to convene an Interim Independent Scientists Group (IISG) to inform the decisions of Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd (SEIC) and stakeholders interested in the conservation of the Western Gray Whale (WGW) population for the 2006 working season. The IISG met on April 03-05, 2006 in Vancouver. The workshop report was commented by Sakhalin Energy. The company's comments and IUCN's answer as well as comments from the IISG members can be found here.

Addtional Information

Purpose of the IISG Meeting

The purpose of the meeting is to review and evaluate information which forms the basis for SEIC's mitigation measures for protecting the WGW feeding off Sakhalin Island during the 2006 construction season. The workshop will be convened over three days with the first two days spent on discussions of key issues between the independent scientists and representatives from SEIC and the potential lenders, and the third day devoted to the preparation of the IISG report by the independent scientists. This report will be made available on the IUCN website shortly after the workshop.