As stated in WGWAP Terms of Reference (Мандат КГЗСК):

IUCN will, in consultation with the WGWAP Chair and the Contracting Companies, appoint an independent agency to evaluate, once every two years, the performance of the collaboration under these TOR and the effectiveness with which IUCN, WGWAP, and the Contracting Companies have played their respective roles. The evaluation will be conducted against a set of indicators that will be developed by IUCN and agreed with the Contracting Companies and WGWAP. The independent agency will make recommendations on how the performance might be improved. 

1st Evaluation 

The first evaluation was carried out between April 2008 and February 2009. The final report was completed in March 2009.

2nd Evaluation

The second evaluation was carried out between April and October 2011. The final report was completed in November 2011. 

3rd Evaluation

The third evaluation is currently being carried out by Stephen Turner with the final report due in November 2014.