7th Meeting of the Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel

Meeting Documents:

Document Number


WGWAP-7/1 Provisional agenda (including time schedule) (English) Public
WGWAP-7/2 Provisional agenda (including time schedule) (Russian) Public
WGWAP-7/3 List of documents distributed in connection with the 7th meeting of the WGWAP Public
WGWAP-7/4 No document
WGWAP-7/5 Preliminary report on Photo-ID Task Force Meeting, 8 December 2009 Confidential
WGWAP-7/6 No document  
WGWAP-7/7 Preliminary report on Seismic Survey Task Force Meeting, 6-7 December 2009, Geneva Not yet available
WGWAP-7/8 Progress report on outstanding oil-spill related issues including 2009 Sakhalin site visit Public
WGWAP-7/9 Progress report on Environmental Monitoring Task Force including 2009 Sakhalin and Vladivostock site visits
WGWAP-7/10 Preliminary summary of field effort and results from 2009 by Russia-US team (PP presentation)
WGWAP-7/11 Effort report of the Western Gray Whale Monitoring Season 2009 (distribution, behaviour, accoustcs, photo-ID and benthic monitroing) Public
WGWAP-7/12 Marine Mammal Carcass Survey 2009 Closeout Report
WGWAP-7/13 Report on the Stranding of a Western Gray Whale at the Cahivo Beach September 2009
WGWAP-7/14 Status of Rangewide Conservation Plan (PP presentation) Public
WGWAP-7/15 Information on relevant activites by other companies in 2009 (PP Presentation)
WGWAP-7/16 Information on relevant activities by other companies expected in 2010 (PP Presentation) Public
WGWAP-7/17 Preliminary report on eastern gray whale tagging in 2009
WGWAP-7/18 Plans for western gray whale tagging in 2010 (PP Presentation) Not yet available
WGWAP-7/19 Ice Data Relevant for the Astikh 4D Seismic survey in 2010 Confidential
WGWAP-7/20 Necropsy Kit Presntation (PP Presentation)


WGWAP-7/21 Report on Installation of Shore-based Observation Platforms Public
WGWAP-7/22 Report on Marine Mammal Observer Programme
WGWAP-7/23 Article on a Possible Earthquake In the Area of the Frilling Platform on Sakhalin
WGWAP-7/24 Marine Mammal Protection Plan - November 2009 Public
WGWAP-7/25 Overview of 2009 Field Season Weather Conditions Public
WGWAP-7/26 Letter to WGWAP from Pacific Environment, WWF Russia and Sakhalin Environment Watch (with 5 annexes) Public
WGWAP-7/26 Annex 5 Film of WGW Stranding at Chaivo September 2009 Public
WGWAP-7/Inf.1 Letter of May 27 from Exxon Neftegas to WWF Russia Public
WGWAP-7/Inf.2 Letter of June 7 from Elvary Neftegaz to WWF Russia Public
WGWAP-7/Inf.3 The Statutes of the Inter-ministerial Working Group for ensuring conservation of the Korean-Okhotsk Gray Whale population
WGWAP-7/Inf.4 Planning for actions to establish a conservation area to protect the Western Pacific Gray Whale population on the north-east of Sakhalin Public
WGWAP-7/Inf.5 Letter of November 26 from the Ministry of Natural Resources to WWF Russia Public
WGWAP-7/Inf.6 Letter of December 8 from Pacific Environment to JBIC Public
WGWAP-7/Int.7 Regulation to WGW Protection in the Russian Federation (Powerpoint Presentation)