Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy


Consultation with indigenous people, Bolivia Photo: IUCN

CEESP is represented throughout the world. Check back again soon for information on regional activities.


Regional Vice-Chairs




Mersie Ejigu

Regional Vice Chair - East and Southern Africa


Mersie Ejigu (Ethiopia)



Meher Marker Noshirwani

Regional Vice Chair - Asia


Meher Marker Noshirwani (Pakistan)


Mohammad Shahbaz, CEESP Regional VC West Asia

Regional Vice Chair - West Asia

Mohammad Shahbaz (Jordan)


Martha Chouchena-Rojas, CEESP Regional Vice-Chair, Europe

Regional Vice Chair - Europe


Martha Chouchena-Rojas (France and Colombia)


Faustina Rehuher Marugg - CEESP Regional VC Oceania

Regional Vice Chair - Oceania


 Faustina Rehuher-Marugg (Palau)


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