Holcim logoIUCN and Holcim have been working since 2007 to strengthen biodiversity management within Holcim’s operations, and to contribute to sector-wide improvements in cement and related sectors. Since 2011, IUCN Water works with Holcim on improving water management approaches.

Together, IUCN Water and HOLCIM have developed a water risk framework to help internal management issues as well as external, beyond the fenceline challenges facing its sites globally. Risk mapping using this framework has provided a foundation on which to develop mitigation actions. Further work in 2013 is focusing on gathering case studies to encourage internal learning and the sharing of sustainable water management activities between sites.

To learn more, please visit this link: IUCN-Holcim Relationship.

For further information on the second phase of the partnership, please read the Phase 2 Agreement overview.

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