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Global Commons panel at WEF Davos 2017

Top economists on the global commons: Failure is not an option

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, one top economist called protecting the global commons an Apollo 13 situation, where failure is not an option, while other prominent economists, scientists and private sector leaders added to the urgency and offered solutions.

Ejido Conquista Campesina, México

Blog: Could Trump create water risks for businesses he wants to protect?

By Peter Newborne and James Dalton.

As we wait to see if President-elect Donald Trump upholds his campaign pledge to tear up the Paris climate change agreement, one of his close to home constituencies is already struggling on the frontline of the climate struggle.

CEO’s who may publicly doubt climate change can readily see what is happening to their bottom line as pressure mounts on our most precious resource – water.


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