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CEC Europe is developing a new recycling game

This activity for children aged 8-14 will focus on the connections between mining, recycling of aluminium and nature conservation. It is being developed by the Göncöl Foundation and IUCN CEC.

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Play Pass the Can at www.passthecan.com/iucn

Pass the Can to raise funds

Use your social network to make a big impact on real-world recycling. Alcoa will donate $1 for each can ‘recycled’ online to the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and other eco-charities. More

CEC member Elena Tarasova is coordinating a project to build capacity for biodiversity conservation in Ukraine.

Building capacity for biodiversity conservation in Ukraine

CEC member Elena Tarasova announces a joint network and training project of the Ukrainian Environmental Club and the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Full story >>

Orange-eyed green tree frog

Animals in biodiversity education: Tiere Live workshop in Europe

IUCN CEC members from Austria, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and the United Kindgom participated in a March 2012 workshop organized by the Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL) in partnership with IUCN CEC.

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Tiere Live: Children, animals and biodiversity education is a special project with animals and children in Bavarian schools and other educational settings. A handbook featuring 64 activities is now in translation. Full story >>


Tiere Live Toolkit

Tiere Live has a toolkit in German, with some chapters in English.

IUCN CEC members who would like learn more about the "Tiere Live" toolkit and are interested in its adaptation into their national context are encouraged to contact Tiere Live. You can find more information about the toolkit in German >>  And here you can download few translated chapters in English >> 

IUCN CEC is eager to learn your opinion about the toolkit Send your opinion, questions or apply to: Dr. Christian Stettmer at christian.stettmer@anl.bayern.de

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CBD Capacity Building Workshop in Germany, April 2011, with members of IUCN CEC

European strategies to rally political will for biodiversity conservation

In Germany, a CBD capacity development workshop showed enthusiasm for stakeholder engagement and strategic communications for biodiversity. CEC member Wiebke Herding reports.