In July 2013 the European Commission circulated a call for stakeholder input on the topic of a proposed tightening of the European Union controls over the import of trophies from animals hunted outside the EU. The proposed change would establish a requirement for import permits to be issued by EU Member States to allow import of these trophies. While this measure would be likely to enable better monitoring of the sustainability of trade, and the tracking of subsequent use of these items, the increase in administration could also create significant costs for conservation and livelihoods through impeding sustainable hunting programs.

SULi consulted internally on this proposal and drafted a response that was then circulated to the Chairs of all other SSC Specialist Groups and to the Chair of CEESP. The final response submitted by Simon Stuart, SSC Chair, and Luc Bas,
Director of the European Union Representative Office, can be downloaded here:

EU Consultation on hunting trophies_ IUCN respons