I have recently taken on the role of a guest-editor for a special issue of Global Crime. This is a criminology journal that is ranked in the top quartile of “Political Science and International Relations” and the journal that published my paper on the black-market in tiger parts in China. I would like to invite SULi members to contribute to this issue.
Wildlife crime is often manifested in poaching, smuggling and wildlife black-markets. The recent paper by Bennett in Oryx emphasises the serious threat such activity poses. It would be valuable to involve criminologists in this problem.
I would like to hear from anyone who thinks they are able to contribute a paper, or towards a paper, or act as a referee in a particular topic. The journal does entertain multidisciplinary approaches.
Suitable topics include:

  • Case studies - how specific black-markets for wildlife are organised and operate.  How have different regulatory and enforcement policies affected the level and types of criminal activity?
  • Research methodologies - how do we go about measuring wildlife crime, how do we find data and how do we measure the effectiveness of enforcement? 
  • Summary data - one thing I would like to include is a paper that summarises information on various black-markets. How are animals being poached, how are the parts being smuggled, how does the market operate, what do consumers want?  There’s surprisingly very little out there. This could easily be a multi-author affair that starts collating this information into a valuable resource. (I imagine many members may be able to contribute to this sort of combined paper).
  • Criminal conspiracies - how are some of these successful criminal conspiracies organised?  What brings them together, what strategies do they use to avoid detection?

This list is not intended to be exhaustive, so please let me know if you think you have a contribution that would be of value.

I would like to hear from people as soon as possible at BrendanJM@massey.ac.nz to complete the planning stage. I appreciate that this may not be practical for some, but would still encourage you all to make contact.