In this our second issue we have a rich mix of topics to present and a geographical cover spanning five continents. The WCC in Jeju is much in everyone’s mind but it by no means dominates our agenda.

We are fortunate to have an interview with Georgina Mace who draws us into the big picture, while pointing out some of the limitations of sustainability science as currently practised. Marshall Murphree, the first global Chair of the SUSG and a pre-eminent thinker about sustainable use, recalls the contribution of the late Elinor Ostrom, who died earlier this year. There are further perspectives on the bushmeat issue and new angles on wild plant harvesting and traditional knowledge. The rhino debate continues whilst our Specialist Group this issue is the South American Camelids Specialist Group (GECS), with Dr Gaby Lichtenstein, who questions whether vicuña offer as successful an example of sustainable use as is often thought.

If you are planning to attend the Congress can we urge you to contribute follow-up articles to our next issue? These can be based on workshop presentations, successful motions, top level addresses or whatever. It will be really valuable if some of the work and insights that go into the preparations for such an event can reach a wider audience.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Robin ( and David (