Completed Projects

Bangladesh Elephant

Action research for conservation of Asian elephants in Bangladesh

The conservation of Asian elephants is vital to the maintenance of the biodiversity and ecological integrity of Bangladesh. It is estimated that there are 239 wild Asian elephants in the country. 

26 Dec 2012 | Project completed

Consultative meeting to identify scopes of sustainable coastal management in Bangladesh_April 2011

Support to Mangroves for the Future (MFF) outreach in Bangladesh

Bangladesh formed its National Coordinating Body for Mangroves for the Future initiative and initiated the consultation process for preparing a draft National Strategy and Action Plan for MFF. IUCN Bangladesh worked closely with Bangladesh Forest Department and MFF Secretariat to make this possible. …  

31 Dec 2011 | Project completed

Anwara, Chittagong, has been earmarked for afforestation.

Management plan for community based adaptation to climate change through coastal afforestation in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is generally considered to be very vulnerable to climate change effects because of its unique geographic location, dominance of floodplains, very low average altitude, high population density, elevated level of poverty and overwhelming dependence on nature, its resources and services. …  

14 Jul 2011 | Project completed

Deer are common in the Sundarbans.