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Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF)

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change
Contact Person: Mr. Md. Shafiqur Rahman Patwari, Secretary

Bangladesh Secretariat
Tel: +880 (2) 716-0481
Fax: +880 (2) 716-9210
Email: secretary@moef.gov.bd
Website: http://www.moef.gov.bd


Focal Point:  Dr Nurul Quadir, Joint Secretary

Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF)
Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka
T: 7160481 (Secretary)
Cell: 01552400676 (Dr Quadir)
F: 7169210
E: nquadir@gmail.com
Web: www.moef.gov.bd

Bangladesh POUSH logo

Bangladesh POUSH

Mission: An NGO founded in 1985 and involved in the protection and improvement of the physical and cultural environment in Bangladesh. Based in Dhaka but working mainly in the Cox`s Bazar area. Main focus is on implementation of field projects.

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change
Contact Person: Mr Sanowar Hossain Sarker, President

10/10 Iqbal Road, 2nd Floor
Dhaka 1207
Tel: +880 (2) 811-2430
Fax: +880 (2) 811-5386
Email: sanowarb@bangla.net


Coastal Area Resource Development and Management Association (CARDMA)

Mission: The objective of CARDMA, which was founded in 1987, is to promote sustainable and integrated development and the conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems.

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change
Contact Person: Ms Hasna J. Moudud, President

159 Gulshan Avenue
Dhaka 1212
Tel: +880 (2) 988-8694
Fax: +880 (2) 882-2676
Email: cleanwater07@gmail.com

bela logo

Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA)

Mission: Aims are to: promote equitable environmental and ecological order to sustain development and conserve resources; develop appropriate environmental jurisprudence in Bangladesh using legal mechanisms; ensure public accountability of resource management agencies by enforcing various laws and policies; eradicate the incompatibilities existing between customary and other rights and to strengthen institutional capabilities; and to foster public participation in development programmes.

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change
Contact Person: Ms Syeda Rizwana Hasan, Director (Programme)

House No 15 A
Road No. 3, Dhanmondi
Dhaka 1205
Tel: +880 (2) 861-4283
Fax: +880 (2) 861-2957
Email: bela@bangla.net
Website: http://www.belabangla.org

BCAS logo

Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS)

Mission: A non-governmental, non-profit research, implementing and policy institute established in 1986. It works on the issues of natural resource management through community participation, good governance, poverty alleviation and economic growth as approaches for addressing sustainable development. Over the years it has emerged as a leading research and policy institute in Bangladesh at the local, national, regional and global level.

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change, Energy, Environmental Education, Scientific Research, Sustainable Development
Contact Person: Dr Atiq Rahman, Executive Director

House No. 10, Road 16A
Gulshan 1
Dhaka 1212
Tel: +880 (2) 885-1237
Fax: +880 (2) 885-1417
Email: atiq.rahman@bcas.net
Website: http://www.bcas.net

BRAC new logo

Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC)

Mission: Main objects are poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor.

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change, Management and Planning, Food and Agriculture, Forests and Forestry, Sustainable Development
Contact Person: Dr Babar Kabir, Director, WASH Programme

75 Mohakhali
Dhaka 1212
Tel: +880 (2) 882-4180 to 87 ext 2500
Fax: +880 (2) 882-3542
Email: babar.k@brac.net
Website: http://www.brac.net

FEJB logo

Forum of Environmental Journalists of Bangladesh (FEJB)

Mission: FEJB aims at creating awareness among the people to help maintain a friendly environment sharing professional know-how, capacity-building through training, workshops, seminars, field-trip programmes, publishing environmental reports, photo news and commentaries, regular newsletters and books, and making television and radio programmes. It promotes public-awareness of environmental issues, particularly working to organise dialogue with decision-makers and planners on environmental issues.

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change
Contact Person: Mr Quamrul Chowdhury, Chairman

42/1, Kha Segun Bagicha
Dhaka 1000
Tel: +880 (2) 933-0354
Fax: +880 (2) 933-6987

CFSD logo

Centre for Sustainable Development (CFSD)

Mission: Mission is to elaborate and/or implement policies, plans, programmes and projects in sustainable development in Iran and other developing countries, through a participatory approach with local communities and, where necessary, collaborative management of local communities with experts, government and international institutions and other stakeholders. The end result will be twin: practical, concrete improvements in both the health of ecosystems and species, and a better quality of life for humans that depend on them.

Expertise: Policy , Climate Change, Indigenous Peoples, Social Sciences and Socio-economic Issues, Species, Sustainable Development
Contact Person: Mr Mahfuz Ullah (IUCN Regional Councillor) Secretary General

House 8/6 (1st Floor)
Block B, Lalmatia
Dhaka 1207
Tel: +880 (2) 911-9126
Fax: +880 (2) 913-0083
Email: mahfuz@bdcom.com

CNRS logo

Center for Natural Resource Studies (CNRS)

Mission: Mission is to conduct research, studies and actions towards restoration, conservation and management of environment and natural resources involving the community, people and NGOs for sustainable development in Bangladesh. Goal is to join with others in influencing the national strategy in directions that support a process of sustainable development, building on rather than destroying the nation`s environmental resources.

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change, Management and Planning, Monitoring and Assessment, Scientific Research, Sustainable Development.
Contact Person: Dr Md. Mokhlesur Rahman, Executive Director

House 19/B, Road 16
Block-B, Banani
Dhaka 1213
Tel: +880 (2) 988-6154
Fax: +880 (2) 988-0928
Email: mokhles@cnrs.org.bd
Website: http://www.cnrs.org.bd

NACOM logo

Nature Conservation Management (NACOM)

Mission: Aims are: nature conservation for a better life; conservation of biodiversity and resource management; participatory community-based ecosystem management; awareness creation and human resource development for nature conservation.

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change, Biodiversity, Monitoring and Assessment, Parks and Protected Areas, Sustainable Development
Contact Person: Dr Abdur Rob Mollah, Chairman

House No 8/12 Block-B
Lalmatia, Mohakhali
Dhaka 1207
Tel: +880 (2) 912-1437
Fax: +880 (2) 815-2189
Email: nacombd@gmail.com

CCEC logo

Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation

Mission: CCEC has the following objcetives: to mobilize local resources and disseminate messages on environmental conservation with particular focus on biological conservation; to work with local people to develop environmental ethics, skills, attitudes and commitment to environmental concerns; to initiate, identify and make public environmental problems; to assist in the promotion of actions for environmental protection; and to exercise management practices for the sustainable use of natural resources empowering indigenous knowledge, local initiatives and grass-roots participation.

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change, Environmental Education, Indigenous Peoples, Parks and Protected Areas, Sustainable Development
Contact Person: Mr Mowdudur Rahman, Director

c/o Tagdir Mohal
House 93, Road 2
Sonadanga R/A
Khulna 9000
Tel: +880 (41) 810-982
Email: ccec_bd@khulna.bangla.net

Shushilan logo


Mission: To create opportunities for sustainable resource management, livelihood security, gender equity and human rights among the socially underprivileged communities

Contact Person: Mr Mostafa Nuruzzaman, Director

House No. 157, Road No. 1
Mujgunni R/A
Khulna 9000
Tel: +880 (41) 860-329
Fax: +880 (41) 762-305
Email: shushilan@shushilan.org



Development of Biotechnology & Environmental Conservation Centre (DEBTEC)

1. To aim in advancement of Biotechnology and Environmental Concerns for Public goods.
2. To assist commercialization of research results concerning environmental degradation, conservation aspect and Agricultura1 Biotechnology.
3. To extend support for the use of innovative homegrown technology.
4. To offer assistance to activities that relate to teaching/research/training on Biotechno1ogy.

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change, Tenure and use rights, Forest, Markets and Incentives, Poverty Reduction.
Contact Person: Dr Ferdousi Begum, Executive Director

House No 90, Road N° 11/A
Dhanmondi R/A
Dhaka 1209
Tel: +880 (2) 811-4827
Fax: +880 (2) 811-5155
Email: debtec@gmail.com
Website: http://www.debtec.org

ESDO logo

Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO)

Mission: ESDO was established with a clear mission to develop the country`s socio-economic & physical empowerment and work towards self-sustaining peace, safety for nature and life through advocacy & lobbying. With this goal, ESDO has organized and supported a large environmental movement in Bangladesh since the early `90S.

Expertise: Policy, Climate Change
Contact Person: Dr. Shahriar Hossain, Executive Director

House No 8/1
Block C, Lalmatia
Dhaka 1207
Tel: +880 (2) 912-2729
Fax: +880 (2) 913-0017
Email: shahriar@bol-online.com
Website: http://www.esdobd.org

BNKS logo

Bolipara Nari Kalyan Somity (BNKS)

Mission: To empower poor and vulnerable people especially the women through programmes towards building capacity and utilization of local resources to meet their needs using skilled, trained and experienced staff.

Contact Person: Ms Hla Shing Nue, Executive Director

Sadipara, Bandarban
Bandarban Hill District
Bandarban 4600
Tel: +880 361 62-944
Fax: +880 361 63-179
Email: ed.bnks@yahoo.com

WildTeam Master Logo


Mission: The WildTeam vision is a future with more wildlife to enrich people’s lives and more wild places for the magnificent diversity of life on earth.

WildTeam mission is carrying out activities to improve the conservation status of key species and habitats in Bangladesh, and developing partnerships, tools, and platforms to build the capacity of organisations and individuals to carry out effective conservation.

It is changing the game for nature by reconnecting people and wildlife, bringing people together to work for a common purpose, and breaking down barriers that stand in the way of a wild and wonderful earth. Right now they are concentrating efforts in Bangladesh. The goal of  TigerTeam work is to see a Sundarbans packed full of tigers, in line with the vision of the Bangladesh Tiger Action Plan. To reach this goal they have three key activities Social change, Living with tigers, and Wild science.

CEGIS logo

Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS)

Mission: CEGIS’ mission as a scientifically independent center of excellence is to support the management of natural resources for sustainable socio-economic development using integrated environmental analysis, geographic information systems, remote sensing, and information technology.

Expertise: The major strength of CEGIS is its multidisciplinary group of highly qualified scientists and technical professionals who bring a wide range of skills to the organization. There are over 60 professionals in the organization with expertise in hydrology, water resources management, fisheries, economics, agriculture, sociology, ecology, biology, river morphology, engineering, ground water, soil science, GIS, remote sensing, database and programming.
Contact Person: Dr.Giasuddin Ahmed Chowdhury, Executive Director

House 6, Road 23/C
Gulshan 1 Dhaka 1212
Tel: +880(2) 8821570-71
Fax: +880(2) 8855935
Email: cegis@cegisbd.com
Web: www.cegisbd.com

Brotee Logo


Mission:  Brotee has a corporate vision with a social conscience. It hopes to contribute to the evolution of a society that is inherently independent and free, drawing on the inner strength, culture, resources and values of its people. Yet, based on the acknowledgement of an inter-dependent global eco-feminist ideology within a framework of social justice and people’s right to determine their own lives, society and governance.

Contact person: Ms Sharmeen Soneya Murshid, Chief Executive Officer


765 Sat Masjid Road (Near Shankar Bus Stand)
Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh
T: 88 02 9140800
M: 01720243885, 01711196618
E: info.brotee@gmail.com
Web: http://www.brotee.org

Unnayan Onneshan Logo

Unnayan Onneshan

Mission: The Unnayan Onneshan is a progressive think-tank that undertakes research for advancing ideas and building constituencies for social transformation. The Institute advances critical scholarship, promotes inter-disciplinary dialogues and amplifies grassroots perspectives. The public-interest research institute works in collaboration with national partners, international organisations and leading universities.

The Unnayan Onneshan was registered in 2003 as a not-for-profit trust to contribute towards search for solutions to endemic poverty, injustice, gender inequality and environmental degradation at the local, national and global levels. The philosophy, ideas and actions of the organization focus on pluralistic, participatory and sustainable development and seek to challenge the narrow theoretical and policy approaches derived from unitary models of development.

The mission is to champion innovation for exploring paths of social transformation towards a world, free from poverty, injustice, gender inequality and environmental degradation.

Contact person: Mr. Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir, Chairperson

16/2, Indira Road, Farmgate, Dhaka - 1215,
T: 88-02-8158274, 9110636
M: 01711592612
F: 88-02- 8159135
E: rtitumir@unnayan.org
Web: www.unnayan.org



Mission: The mission of GRAUS is improved access of the deprived to socio-economic development, enabling them to enjoy and leave a better world for themselves and the future generations, with due importance towards sustainable environment.

Contact person: Mr. Chaing Seing Moung, Executive Director 


Uzanipara’ Bandarban - 4600
T: +88 0361 62104
M: 01556995499
E: gra1998@btcl.net.bd
Web: http://graus-cht.org

BUP (Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad)

Mission:  The mission of BUP is to foster a people-centred culture of development. In pursuit of this mission, it seeks to generate ideas and policy directions through research and dialogue on a continuing basis. The vision that inspirits BUP's work is the vision of Bangladesh as a democratic, economically self-reliant, just, and vibrant society in which every citizen will have access to opportunities for achieving their full human potential in an environment of individual and collective security. Internationally, it envisages a sustainable and equitable global order as the collective broader goal of humanity.

Contact person: Dr. Nilufar Banu, Executive Director

House # 50, Road # 8, Block-D, Niketon,
Gulshan-1, Dhaka - 1212, Bangladesh
T: +880 2 9853958-60; 9853962
E: nilufarbanu55@gmail.com;  bup@citech-bd.com
WEB: http://www.bup-bd.org

Deer are common in the Sundarbans.