IUCN Nepal publishes an array of books on conservation and sustainable development issues, and is recognized as the scientific authority behind many of the management guidelines, state-of-the-art assessments and conservation policies in use today.

IUCN Nepal’s publications are promoted and sold primarily through the exhibitions and national/international conferences, both in print and on-line and also through international booksellers and distributors. Where appropriate, IUCN Nepal’s publications are made available for sale. Sale of publications has two major advantages. First, it allows an element of cost recovery; and second, experiences have shown that the reading public often lends more importance to a publication that it has had to purchase than to one that is simply received free of charge. 

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With over 8500 titles (5000 books, 1000 articles, 2500 thesis/papers and 200 newsletters and journals), IUCN Nepal has offered a unique resource to the conservation community for more than 16 years. The resource centre also has collections of newspaper clippings on environment related issues since 1993. Publications in the library have been classified according to the Alpha Numerical System.

As the objective of the resource centre is to collect, process and store information related to environment, it provides quality publications that allow the conservation community to maximize their impact and effectiveness in conservation policy and practice.

The IUCN Nepal Resource Centre serves as the principal depository for all IUCN’s publications, periodicals, scientific and technical reports prepared by IUCN, its commissions and constituency. As the library is the main custodian of IUCN’s institutional memory, it operates a database of all IUCN publications published since early 1990s. The centre is in the mailing list of various environmental organizations in Nepal and abroad.

The primary users of this centre are the professionals of IUCN. People also regularly visit the centre from other government and non-governmental organizations, donor institutions, and development agencies. In addition, students from Nepal and abroad, researchers, and other professionals utilize the centre. This resource centre is considered as one of the most reliable environment resource centres in the country as the number of visitors has been increasingly rising over recent years.


This online database provides access to all the titles catalogued by the IUCN Nepal from 1994 to the present. Click here for detailed list of IUCN Nepal’s publications.This system enables you to order a printed copy. For additional information on the availability of all listed documents, please visit IUCN Nepal Library at your convenient time or email us.