Institutional Consolidation for the Coordinated and Integrated Monitoring of Natural Resources towards Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation in the Hindu Kush-Karakoram-Himalayas Mountain Complex

Results (Goal, objectives, outcomes and outputs)

To contribute to consolidating the institutional capacity for systemic planning and management at the local, national and regional levels, with a view to improve the living conditions of local communities and to hinder the loss of biodiversity in the Hindu Kush – Karakoram – Himalaya region.

1. Provide tools and instruments to facilitate the consistency of various national-level actions in area based planning and management, within the framework of regional level systemic planning and monitoring.

2. Establish a process of application of the acquired capacities and DSS by individual countries in systemic planning and management of mountain areas at a local/ national or transboundary level, within the framework of sustainable mountain development.


1.1. A systemic planning and management conceptual framework is developed and promoted.

1.2. An improved understanding of the dynamics of target socio-ecosystems is developed through scientific and participatory research.

1.3. The management system and the decision making process in place are analyzed and the entry points for improvements through systemic management are identified with key stakeholders.

1.4. A system to support the management of mountain areas and the related decision making process is developed and available to key stakeholders.

1.5. The capacities of key stakeholders/institutions required for the systemic management of mountain areas are built.

1.6. A monitoring scheme integrated with the DSS is set up for the target socio-ecosystem.

2.1. The conceptual framework, the GIS and the decision support tools developed are used by beneficiaries to manage selected protected areas (project level application).

2.2. A contribution towards the development/update of the management plans of selected protected areas sites is provided and the integration of the DSS in the planning process is promoted.

2.3. A process to promote and apply the conceptual framework, the GIS and the decision support tools developed for systemic mountain areas management at national and regional scale is initiated.


Geographic coverage

Three years (July 01, 2006- June 30, 2009)

Budget & Donor

Budget: USD 230,600
Donor: DGCS - Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for Development Cooperation

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