Current projects

Velipojë Protected Landscape, Albania

Institutional Support to the management of Protected Areas in Albania

The main project objective is to strengthen both central and local offices of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration of Albania in developing their capacities to systemically plan and manage protected areas. By promoting innovative approaches to protected area management, that also imply the translation of principles of ecosystems and biodiversity economics into practice, this project will demonstrate a broad range of benefits that local and wider communities could enjoy from preserved and well-functioning ecosystems. …  

11 Nov 2011 | Project description

Red List training, Serbia

Red List training in European countries

IUCN provides formal training to European countries to assist them in stepping up efforts to assess their biodiversity and use the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ as a basis for policy and conservation action. …  

02 Sep 2011 | Project description

Dilijan National Park, Armenia

ENPI FLEG (European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument – Forest Law Enforcement and Governance Programme)

Forests cover a large part of Europe and North and Central Asia and fulfill multiple functions for society, providing economic, social and environmental benefits, including serving as a key reservoir of biodiversity. They protect our watersheds and conserve our soil. They also help combat climate change by absorbing and storing vast amounts of carbon, provide food, building materials and medicine, and are home to 80% of the world’s biodiversity. …  

26 Aug 2011 | Project description

Sea urchin

Europe overseas: Valuable, Vulnerable, Vital

IUCN builds partnerships for Europe Overseas to meet biodiversity and climate change challenges. The European Union (EU) has hundreds of small islands and large stretches of land spread across the four corners of the Earth from polar to tropical latitudes. …  

22 Apr 2011 | Project description